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sccshelp(1)							  sccshelp(1)


  sccshelp - Provides information about	a Source Code Control System (SCCS)
  message or command


  sccshelp [error_code]	[sccs_command]


  The sccshelp command displays	information about the use of a specified SCCS
  command or about messages generated while using the commands.	Each message
  has an associated error code,	which can be supplied as an argument to	the
  sccshelp command.

  You can supply zero or more arguments. If you	do not supply an argument,
  sccshelp prompts for one. You	can include any	of the SCCS commands as	argu-
  ments	to sccshelp.

  The error_code argument specifies the	code, consisting of numbers and
  letters, that	appears	at the end of a	message. For example, in the follow-
  ing message, the error code is cm7:

       There are no SCCS identification	keywords in the	file. (cm7)

  Compatibility	Notes

  The SCCS help	command	was changed to sccshelp; the help command now pro-
  vides	information about the operating	system.


  To get sccshelp on rmdel and two error codes,	enter:

       sccshelp	rmdel gee ad3

  The sccshelp command displays:

       usage:  rmdel -rSID {file ... | Directory | -}
       Removes a Delta from a Source Code Control System File.
       The header flag you specified is	not recognized.
       The header flag you supplied with the -d	or -f flag is not correct.
       Choose a	valid header flag.


      Directory	containing files of message text.


  Commands:  admin(1), cdc(1), comb(1),	delta(1), get(1), prs(1), rmdel(1),
  sact(1), sccs(1), sccsdiff(1), unget(1), val(1), what(1)

  Files:  sccsfile(4)

  Programming Support Tools