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RUSERS(1C)                                                          RUSERS(1C)

       rusers - who's logged in on local machines (RPC version)

       rusers [ -ahilu ] [ host...  ]

       This  command  is  available  with the Networking software installation
       option.  Refer to for information on how to install optional software.

       The rusers command produces output similar to users(1) and who(1),  but
       for  remote  machines.   It broadcasts on the local network, and prints
       the responses it receives.  Normally, the listing is in the order  that
       responses are received, but this order can be changed by specifying one
       of the options listed below.  When host  arguments  are  given,  rather
       than broadcasting rusers will only query the list of specified hosts.

       The default is to print out a listing in the style of users(1) with one
       line per machine.  When the -l flag is given, a rwho(1C) style  listing
       is  used.   In  addition,  if  a user has not typed to the system for a
       minute or more, the idle time is reported.

       A remote host will only respond if it is running  the  rusersd  daemon,
       which is normally started up from inetd(8C).

       -a     Give a report for a machine even if no users are logged on.

       -h     Sort alphabetically by host name.

       -i     Sort by idle time.

       -l     Give a longer listing in the style of who(1).

       -u     Sort by number of users.


       rwho(1C), users(1), who(1), inetd(8C), rusersd(8C)

       Broadcasting does not work through gateways.

                               17 December 1987                     RUSERS(1C)