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runon(1)							     runon(1)


  runon	- Runs a command on a specific CPU, a processor	set (pset), or a
  Resource Affinity Domain (RAD)


  runon	cpu_num	command	[argument...]

  runon	-p pset_id [-x]	command	[argument...]

  runon	-r rad_id  command [argument...]


  The runon utility runs the specified command on the specified	CPU, proces-
  sor set (pset) or Resource Affinity Domain (RAD). The	argument operand
  represents any options or arguments for the specified	command.  All the
  threads created by the command inherit the specified binding,	including
  threads created as the result	of a fork. If command is a user	shell, then
  all processes	launched from that shell inherit the specified binding.

  The three binding options supported by the runon command are mutually
  exclusive. For example, you cannot bind a program to a RAD or	a processor
  set by using the runon command and then use the pset_assign_pid command to
  restrict one or more of that program's processes to a	specific CPU.


  -p pset_id
      Binds to a processor set.	  You must specify the processor set identif-
      ication number (pset_id),	which is a unique number returned by the
      pset_create command. The pset_id value of	the system default processor
      set is 0 (zero).

      You can specify the -x option with the -p	option.

  -r rad_id
      Binds to a Resource Affinity Domain (RAD).

      For the purpose of using the runon command, a RAD	maps to	a Quad Build-
      ing Block	(QBB) on GS80, GS160, and GS320	AlphaServer platforms. How-
      ever, on future platforms	that use NUMA architecture, a RAD might	not
      map to a discrete	hardware unit.

      The operating system software treats systems that	do not use NUMA
      architecture as single-RAD systems.

  -x  Specifies	exclusive use of a processor set. You can include the -x
      option only with the -p option.


      Specifies	the CPU	on which the program is	run.

      Specifies	the program that is run	on the CPU, processor set, or RAD.

      Specifies	one or more arguments to command.


  Commands:  pset_assign_cpu(1), pset_assign_pid(1), pset_create(1),
  pset_info(1),	psradm(8)

  Files:  processor_sets(4)

  Other:  numa_intro(3)