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runclass(1)							  runclass(1)


  runclass - Runs a command in a specific scheduling class


  /usr/sbin/runclass class_name	command	[argument ...]


	  An argument to the command being run.

	  The name of the scheduling class in which the	command	is run.

  command The command being run.


  The runclass utility lets you	run a command (including any of	its argu-
  ments) in a scheduling class.	All the	threads	created	by the command pro-
  cess,	and its	subprocesses, inherit the class	binding. Unless	the user
  entering the runclass	command	has superuser authority, the allotted CPU
  percentage of	the specified class may	not be higher than the user's current
  class	(if any).

  Normally, any	command	run by root is not subject to class scheduling.	 How-
  ever,	commands started by root with the runclass command are subject to the
  limitations of the specified class.

  If class scheduling is not enabled, the runclass command terminates and
  does not execute the requested command.


  Scheduling classes are usually created by the	class_admin command, which
  also allows you to move processes to a scheduling class after	they start.
  The runclass command is the way you can execute an application so that its
  processes automatically start	up in a	scheduling class.

  The runclass command changes the process group of itself and all processes
  created by it.  This means that if runclass is executed from a script,
  entering Control C from the terminal will not	kill these processes. In this
  case,	using the kill command is required.


  Commands: kill(1), class_admin(8)

  Files: class_scheduling(4)