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rcvstore(1)							  rcvstore(1)


  rcvstore - incorporate new mail asynchronously


  rcvstore [+folder] [-[no]create] [-help] [-sequence name] [-[no]public]



      Creates the specified folder. If you attempt to incorporate mail into a
      folder that does not exist, rcvstore creates the folder if you supply
      the -create option. If you supply	the -nocreate option, the folder is
      not created and rcvstore exits. The default is -create.

      Prints a list of the valid options to this command.


      Sets the read permissions	of sequences. Normally,	when you create	a
      sequence with the	-sequence option, the sequence is not accessible to
      other MH users. The -public option makes the sequence accessible to
      other MH users. You can use the -nopublic	option to ensure that the
      sequence that you	create is only accessible to yourself.

  -sequence name
      Specifies	a sequence in which rcvstore places the	messages which it
      incorporates. For	more information on sequences, see mark(1). The	name
      of the sequence must begin with a	letter,	and must consist entirely of
      alphabetic or numeric characters;	no punctuation is allowed.


      Specifies	whether	to zero	existing sequences before adding new mes-
      sages. Normally, rcvstore	removes	all existing messages from a sequence
      before adding messages to	it. If you specify the -nozero option,
      rcvstore adds the	messages it finds to the existing contents of the
      sequence.	This option only works with the	-sequence option.

  The defaults for this	command	are:

       +folder defaults	to +inbox
       -nopublic  if the folder	is read-only, otherwise	-public


  The command rcvstore incorporates a message from the standard	input into an
  MH folder. If	a +folder argument is not given	the file is placed in your
  +inbox folder. The new message being incorporated is assigned	the next
  highest number in the	folder.

  If the specified (or default)	folder does not	exist, it is created if	the
  -create option is specified; otherwise rcvstore exits.

  If your .mh_profile file contains a Msg-Protect: entry, it is	used as	the
  protection on	the newly created messages; otherwise the MH default of	0600
  is used. During all operations on messages, this initially assigned protec-
  tion is preserved for	each message. You can use chmod	to change the protec-
  tion on an individual	message, and the new protection	is preserved

  The rcvstore command incorporates anything except zero length	messages into
  your MH folder.

  If the profile entry Unseen-Sequence:	is present and non-empty, then
  rcvstore adds	the newly incorporated message to each sequence	named by the
  profile entry. Note that rcvstore does not zero each sequence	prior to
  adding messages.


  Path:		     To	determine your Mail directory

		     To	set protections	when creating a	new

		     To	set protections	when creating a	new mes-
  Unseen-Sequence:   To	name sequences denoting	unseen messages


      The user profile.


  chmod(1), inc(1), mark(1), pick(1), mh-mail(4), mh_profile(4)