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sccs-prs(1)                      User Commands                     sccs-prs(1)

       sccs-prs, prs - display selected portions of an SCCS history

       /usr/ccs/bin/prs  [-ael]  [-cdate-time]  [-ddataspec]  [-rsid]  s.file-

       The prs utility displays part or all of the SCCS file (see sccsfile(4))
       in a user supplied format.

       If  a  directory  name is used in place of the s.filename argument, the
       prs command applies  to  all  s.files  in  that  directory.  Unreadable
       s.files  produce  an error; processing continues with the next file (if
       any). The use of `-' as the  s.filename  argument  indicates  that  the
       names  of  files are to be read from the standard input, one s.file per

       In the absence of options, prs displays the delta table (version  log).
       In  the  absence  of  -d,  or -l, prs displays the entry for each delta
       indicated by the other options.

       -a              Includes all deltas, including those marked as  removed
                       (see sccs-rmdel(1)).

       -e              Requests  information  for  all  deltas created earlier
                       than, and including, the delta indicated with -r or -c.

       -l              Requests information for all deltas created later than,
                       and including, the delta indicated with -r or -c.

       -cdate-time     Either  options -e or -l must be used with this option.
                       -cdate-time displays information on the deltas  checked
                       in  either  prior  to  and  including the date and time
                       indicated by the date-time  argument  (option  -e);  or
                       later  than  and  including the date and time indicated
                       (option -l). date-time takes the form:


                       Units omitted from the indicated date and time  default
                       to  their  maximum  possible  values; that is -c7502 is
                       equivalent to -c750228235959. Any number of non-numeric
                       characters may separate the various 2 digit components.
                       If white-space characters occur, the date-time specifi-
                       cation  must be quoted. Values of yy in the range 69-99
                       refer to the twentieth century. Values in the range  of
                       00-68 refer to the twenty-first century.

       -ddataspec      Produce a report according to the indicated data speci-
                       fication. dataspec consists of a (quoted)  text  string
                       that  includes  embedded  data  keywords  of  the form:
                       `:key:' (see Data Keywords, below). prs  expands  these
                       keywords  in  the  output it produces. To specify a TAB
                       character in the output, use \t; to specify  a  NEWLINE
                       in the output, use \n.

       -rsid           Specifies  the  SCCS  delta  ID  (SID) of the delta for
                       which information is desired. If no  SID is  specified,
                       the most recently created delta is used.

       Usage of prs is described below.

   Data Keywords
       Data  keywords specify which parts of an SCCS file are to be retrieved.
       All parts of an SCCS file (see sccsfile(4))  have  an  associated  data
       keyword. A data keyword may appear any number of times in a data speci-
       fication argument to -d. These data keywords are listed  in  the  table

       tab();    lw(0.647059i)   cw(1.941176i)   cw(0.647059i)   cw(1.617647i)
       rw(0.647059i) lw(0.647059i) lw(1.941176i)  cw(0.647059i)  lw(1.617647i)
       cw(0.647059i).   KeywordData ItemFile Section*ValueFormat** :A:a format
       for  the  what  string:N/A:Z::Y:  :M:  :I::Z:S  :B:branch  numberDnnnnS
       :BD:bodyBtextM  :BF:branch  flagFyes  or  noS :CB:ceiling boundaryF:R:S
       :C:comments  for  deltaDtextM  :D:date  delta   createdD:Dy:/:Dm:/:Dd:S
       :Dd:day  delta  createdDnnS  :Dg:deltas ignored (seq #)DT{ :DS: :DS:...
       T}S   :DI:T{   seq-no.   of   deltas   included,   excluded,    ignored
       T}D:Dn:/:Dx:/:Dg:S  :DL:delta line statisticsD:Li:/:Ld:/:Lu:S :Dm:month
       delta createdDnnS :Dn:deltas included  (seq  #)DT{  :DS:  :DS:...   T}S
       :DP:predecessor  delta  seq-no.  DnnnnS  :Ds:default SIDF:I:S :DS:delta
       sequence numberDnnnnS :Dt:delta informationD :DT: :I: :D: :T: :P:  :DS:
       :DP:S  :DT:delta  typeDD  or RS :Dx:deltas excluded (seq #)DT{ :DS: ...
       T}S :Dy:year delta createdDnnS :F:s.file nameN/AtextS :FB:floor  bound-
       aryF:R:S :FD:file descriptive textCtextM :FL:flag listFtextM :GB:gotten
       bodyBtextM :I:SCCS delta ID (SID)D:R:.:L:.:B:.:S:S :J:joint edit  flag-
       Fyes  or  noS  :KF:keyword  error/warning flagFyes or noS :L:level num-
       berDnnnnS :Ld:lines  deleted  by  deltaDnnnnnS  :Li:lines  inserted  by
       deltaDnnnnnS  :LK:locked releasesFT{ :R:...  T}S :Lu:lines unchanged by
       deltaDnnnnnS :M:module nameFtextS :MF:MR  validation  flagFyes  or  noS
       :MP:MR validation programFtextS :MR:MR numbers for deltaDtextM :ND:null
       delta flagFyes or noS :Q:user defined keywordFtextS :P:user who created
       deltaDusernameS  :PN:s.file's  pathnameN/AtextS :R:release numberDnnnnS
       :S:sequence numberDnnnnS :T:time delta createdD:Th:::Tm:::Ts:S :Th:hour
       delta  createdDnnS :Tm:minutes delta createdDnnS :Ts:seconds delta cre-
       atedDnnS :UN:user namesUtextM :W:a form of  what  stringN/A:Z::M:\t:I:S
       :Y:module type flagFtextS :Z:what string delimiterN/A@(#)S

            *B = body, D = delta table, F = flags, U = user names

       **S = simple format, M = multi-line format

       Example 1: Displaying delta entries

       The following command:

       example% /usr/ccs/bin/prs -e -d":I:\t:P:" program.c


       1.6  username
       1.5 username...

       See  environ(5) for descriptions of the following environment variables
       that affect the execution of prs: LANG, LC_ALL, LC_CTYPE,  LC_MESSAGES,
       and NLSPATH.

       /tmp/pr?????            temporary file

       See attributes(5) for descriptions of the following attributes:

       tab()     allbox;     cw(2.750000i)|    cw(2.750000i)    lw(2.750000i)|
       lw(2.750000i).   ATTRIBUTE  TYPEATTRIBUTE  VALUE  AvailabilitySUNWsprot
       Interface StabilityStandard

       sccs(1),  sccs-cdc(1),  sccs-delta(1), sccs-get(1), sccs-help(1), sccs-
       prt(1),   sccs-sact(1),   sccs-sccsdiff(1),    what(1),    sccsfile(4),
       attributes(5), environ(5), standards(5)

       Use the SCCS help command for explanations (see sccs-help(1)).

SunOS 5.10                        1 Nov 1999                       sccs-prs(1)