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PERFMETER(1)                General Commands Manual               PERFMETER(1)

       perfmeter - display system performance values in a meter or strip chart

       perfmeter [ -s sample-time ] [ -h h-hand-int ]
            [ -m m-hand-int ] [ -M smax minmax maxmax ]
            [ -v value ] [ hostname ]

       This command is available with the SunView User's software installation
       option.  Refer to for information on how to install optional software.

       perfmeter is a SunView utility that displays performance  values  (sta-
       tistics)  for a given hostname.  If no host is specified, statistics on
       the current host are metered.  The rstatd(8C) daemon must be running on
       the machine being metered.

       When  open,  perfmeter  displays  a  performance value in the form of a
       strip chart.  When closed, it displays a meter dial.  By  default,  the
       display  is  updated with a sample-time of 2 seconds.  The hour hand of
       the meter represents the average over a 20-second interval; the  minute
       hand,  the  average  over 2 seconds. The default value displayed is the
       percent of CPU being utilized.

       The maximum scale value for the strip chart will  automatically  double
       or  halve  to  accommodate increasing or decreasing values for the host
       machine.  This scale can be restricted to a certain range with  the  -M

       -s sample-time
              Set the sample time to sample-time seconds.

       -h h-hand-int
              Set the hour-hand interval to h-hand-int seconds.

       -m m-hand-int
              Set the minute hand interval to m-hand-int seconds.

       -M smax minmax maxmax
              Set  a  range of maximum values for the strip chart.  Values for
              each of the arguments should be powers  of  2.   smax  sets  the
              starting maximum-value.  minmax sets the lowest allowed maximum-
              value for the scale.  maxmax sets the highest  allowed  maximum-

       -v value
              Set the performance value to be monitored to one of:

              cpu     Percent of CPU being utilized.

              pkts    Ethernet packets per second.

              page    Paging activity in pages per second.

              swap    Jobs swapped per second.

              intr    Number of device interrupts per second.

              disk    Disk traffic in transfers per second.

              cntxt   Number of context switches per second.

              load    Average  number  of  runnable  processes  over  the last

              colls   Collisions per second detected on the ethernet.

              errs    Errors per second on receiving packets.

       You can change the statistic being  displayed  by  clicking  the  RIGHT
       mouse button, and then choosing the desired menu item.  The other meter
       parameters can be modified by moving the pointer onto the tool  (either
       open or closed), and typing:

              m      Decrease minutehandintv by one

              M      Increase minutehandintv by one

              h      Decrease hourhandintv by one

              H      Increase hourhandintv by one

              1-9    Set sampletime to a range from 1 to 9 seconds.

       /etc/inetd.conf     starts statistics server

       sunview(1), netstat(8C), rstatd(8C), vmstat(8)

                                21 January 1988                   PERFMETER(1)