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OVERVIEW(1)                 General Commands Manual                OVERVIEW(1)

       overview - run a program from SunView that takes over the screen

       overview [ -w ] [ generic_tool_options ] program_name [ arguments ] ...

       This command is available with the software installation option.  Refer
       to for information on how to install optional software.

       Bitmap graphics based programs that are not SunView based  can  be  run
       from  SunView  using  overview.  overview shows an icon in SunView when
       overview is brought up iconic (-Wi generic tool option; see sunview(1))
       or  when  the  program being run by overview is suspended (for example,
       using CTRL-Z).  Opening the overview icon, or  starting  overview  non-
       iconic,  starts  the  program named on the command line.  overview sup-
       presses SunView so that SunView window applications will not  interfere
       with the program's display output or input devices.

       overview runs programs that fit the following profile:

       own display              The  program  needs  to  own  the  bits on the
                                screen.  It does not use the  sunview  library
                                to  arbitrate the use of the display and input
                                devices between processes.

       keyboard input from stdin
                                The program takes keyboard  input  from  stdin

       mouse input from /dev/mouse
                                The program takes locator input from the mouse

       -w     This option is used to specify that the program being  run  cre-
              ates  its  own SunWindows window in order to receive the serial-
              ized input stream from the keyboard and mouse that  is  provided
              by  the SunWindows kernel driver.  -w tells overview to not con-
              vert SunWindows input into ASCII which is then sent to the  pro-
              gram  being  run  under overview via a pty.  X and NeWS are pro-
              grams that fall in this category (as of Dec 86.  This is subject
              to change in the future.)


       Users of overview on a Sun-3/110 should be aware of the impact of plane
       groups on pre-3.2 applications.  You cannot  successfully  run  pre-3.2
       applications  under overview if overview itself is running in the color
       buffer.  If you start overview so that it is not running in the overlay
       plane,  then the enable plane is not be properly set up for viewing the
       application.  This means that you cannot run overview with the  -Wf  or
       -Wb generic tool arguments.  Also, you cannot run overview on a desktop
       created by sunview using the -8bit_color_only option.

                               21 December 1987                    OVERVIEW(1)