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ORGANIZER(1)                General Commands Manual               ORGANIZER(1)

       organizer - file and directory manager

       organizer [ -A time ]

       Available  only  on  Sun  386i systems running a SunOS 4.0.x release or
       earlier.  Not a SunOS 4.1 release feature.

       organizer is a SunView application for viewing and  manipulating  files
       and  directories.   It  performs  many  of the functions of the ls(1V),
       cd(1), chmod(1V), cp(1), mv(1), mkdir(1), rmdir(see rm(1)), and dump(8)
       commands, and with a visual interface.

       At  any  given  time, the organizer window normally shows the files and
       directories in a single directory,  representing each file or directory
       with  an  appropriate  illustrated  icon.   The  illustration indicates
       whether a file is a directory, contains text, is an executable program,
       or optionally a user-defined file type.

       When  organizer  is  switched  into Map mode, the icons are arranged to
       indicate the hierarchy of files and directories.  Double clicking on  a
       directory icon shows the contents of that directory in a new column.

       Several  display  modes are available, and can be set for an individual
       organizer window or for all organizer windows.  You can select  whether
       hidden  files  are  shown, whether just the name, the name and informa-
       tion, or name and icon are shown for each file and directory,  and  how
       the contents are sorted.

       Text  files can be "edited" by double clicking on the file's icon.  The
       contents of the file are then shown and can be  edited  in  a  separate
       text  editor  window.   In the .orgrc file you can specify the EXECUTE,
       EDIT, and PRINT applications for your own user-defined file types.

       You can move down through the directory hierarchy by double clicking on
       a  directory  icon,  and  up by double clicking on the parent directory
       name on the ancestor list in the upper left  corner  of  the  organizer

       Copying,  moving, and deleting require you to select one or more files.
       To select a file, click the left button on it (do not double  click  --
       this  will  open  the file).  To select additional files to be operated
       on, click the middle button on each additional file.

       Copying and moving operations require a destination  directory.   After
       the  files  are selected, change directories to the desired destination
       as described above, and then "drop" the files with the Drop  button  on
       the  command  panel.   If  the copy involves overwriting an identically
       named file,  an alert will allow you to confirm that you want to  over-
       write  the  file.   If  you  copy a file and then "drop" it in the same
       directory, organizer will prepend copy_of_ to the file name of the  new

       -A time
              Sets  autoclose  for time minutes.  If organizer is not used for
              time minutes, it closes automatically.

                           file and directory icons
       ../.DeletedOrgFiles organizer creates this directory to store files  so
                           you  can  undo the last thing you did, for example,
                           deleting files.

       mkdir(1), mv(1), rm(1), orgrc(5), restore(8)

       Sun386i User's Guide
       Sun386i Advanced Skills

                               19 February 1988                   ORGANIZER(1)