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OLD-SYSLOG(1)               General Commands Manual              OLD-SYSLOG(1)

       old-syslog - make a system log entry

       /usr/old/syslog [ - ] [ -p ] [ -i name ] [ -level ] [ message...  ]

       Note:  this  program is considered to be obsolete, and will not be dis-
       tributed or supported in future Sun releases.   See  logger(1)  to  add
       system log entries.

       syslog  sends  the  specified  message (or the standard input if `-' is
       specified) as a system log entry to the syslog daemon.  The  log  entry
       is  sent to the daemon on the machine specified by the loghost entry in
       the /etc/hosts file.

       -      Each line of the standard input is sent as a log entry.

       -p     syslog logs its process ID in addition to the other information.

       -i name
              Specify the name to be used as the "ident" for the log entry.

       -level The message will be logged at the specified  level.   The  level
              can  be specified numerically, in the range 1 through 9, or sym-
              bolically using the names specified in the  include  file  <&lt;sys-
              log.h>&gt;  (with the leading LOG_ stripped off).  syslog-HELP lists
              the valid symbolic level names.  Only the  super-user  can  make
              log entries at levels less than or equal to SALERT.

       /usr/etc/syslogd         syslog daemon

       logger(1), syslog(3), syslogd(8)

                                 31 March 1987                   OLD-SYSLOG(1)