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CLOCK(1)                    General Commands Manual                   CLOCK(1)

       clock - display the time in an icon or window

       clock [ -frst ] [ -d mdyaw ]

       This command is available with the SunView User's software installation
       option.  Refer to for information on how to install optional software.

       clock is a SunView utility that displays the current time in a  window.
       When  open, clock shows the date and time in text format.  When closed,
       clock displays a clock face.

       Note:  In previous releases clock was known as clocktool.  In the  cur-
       rent release, /usr/old/clocktool is a symbolic link to clock.

       -f     Display the date and day of week on the clock face.

       -r     Use a square face with roman numerals in the iconic state.  This
              replaces the default round clock face.

       -s     Start clock with the seconds turned on.  By default,  the  clock
              starts  with seconds turned off, and updates every minute.  With
              seconds turned on, it updates every second, and, if iconic, dis-
              plays a second hand.

       -t     Test  mode  --  ignore  the real time, and instead run in a loop
              continuously incrementing the time by one minute and  displaying

       -d     Display  date  information  in a small area just below the clock
              face.  The date information to be displayed may include:
                 m    the month,
                 d    the day of the month (1-31),
                 y    the year,
                 a    the string AM or PM, as appropriate,
                 w    the day of the week (Sun-Sat).

              There is only room for 3 of these, but any 3 may be displayed in
              any sequence.

       clock  also accepts all of the generic tool arguments discussed in sun-

       clock listens for keyboard input while open.  It recognizes the follow-
       ing characters:

       s or S Enable or disable the display of seconds.

       t or T Enable or disable ``test'' mode.

                           font for day-of-month clock-face display

       date(1V), sunview(1)

       When  the -r option is specified, clock displays the roman numeral four
       as IIII instead of IV to counterbalance the roman numeral eight, VIII.

       If you reset the system time, clock will not reflect the new time until
       you  change  its  state from open to icon, or vice versa.  To reset the
       system time, see date(1V).

       The date display does not go well with the round clock face.

                               21 December 1987                       CLOCK(1)