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OBJDUMP(1)                  General Commands Manual                 OBJDUMP(1)

       objdump - dump selected parts of a COFF object file

       objdump [ option [ modifier ...  ] ] filename ...

       Available  only  on  Sun  386i systems running a SunOS 4.0.x release or
       earlier.  Not a SunOS 4.1 release feature.

       The objdump command dumps selected parts of each of its object filename
       arguments.   This  command  is  compatible  with  System  V  in all its
       options.  It will accept both  object  files  and  archives  of  object

       objdump  command attempts to format the information it dumps in a mean-
       ingful way, printing certain information in character,  hex,  octal  or
       decimal representation as appropriate.

       -a        Dump  the  archive header of each member of each archive file

       -g        Dump the global symbols in the symbol table of an archive.

       -f        Dump each file header.

       -o        Dump each optional header.

       -h        Dump section headers.

       -s        Dump section contents.

       -r        Dump relocation information.

       -l        Dump line number information.

       -t        Dump symbol table entries.

       -z name   Dump line number entries for the named function.

       -c        Dump the string table.

       -L        Interpret and print the contents of the .lib sections.

       The following modifiers are used in conjunction with the options listed

       -d number Dump  the  section  number,  number, or the range of sections
                 starting at number and ending at the number specified by +d.

       +d number Dump sections in the range either beginning with  first  sec-
                 tion or beginning with section specified by -d.

       -n name   Dump  information  pertaining only to the named entity.  This
                 modifier applies to -h, -s, -r, -l, and -t.

       -p        Suppress printing of the headers.

       -t index  Dump only the indexed symbol table entry.   The  -t  used  in
                 conjunction  with  +t,  specifies  a  range  of  symbol table

       +t index  Dump the symbol table entries in the range  ending  with  the
                 indexed  entry.   The  range begins at the first symbol table
                 entry or at the entry specified by the -t option.

       -u        Underline the name of the file for emphasis.

       -v        Dump  information  in  symbolic  representation  rather  than
                 numeric  (e.g., C_STATIC instead of 0X02).  This modifier can
                 be used with all the above options except -s and -o.

       -z name,number
       -z name number
                 Dump line number entry or range of line numbers  starting  at
                 number for the named function.

       +z number Dump  line numbers starting at either function name or number
                 specified by -z, up to number specified by +z.

       White space separating an option and its modifier is optional.

       ar(5), coff(5)

                               19 February 1988                     OBJDUMP(1)