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NROFF(1)                    General Commands Manual                   NROFF(1)

       nroff - format documents for display or line-printer

       nroff [ -ehig ] [ -mname ] [ -nN ] [ -opagelist ] [ -raN ]
            [ -sN ] [ -Tname ]

       This  command  is available with the Text software installation option.
       Refer to for information on how to install optional software.

       nroff formats text in the named files for typewriter-like devices.  See
       also  troff(1).  The full capabilities of nroff and troff are described

       If no file argument is present, nroff reads  the  standard  input.   An
       argument  consisting  of a `-' is taken to be a file name corresponding
       to the standard input.

       Options may appear in any order so  long  as  they  appear  before  the

       -e     Produce  equally-spaced words in adjusted lines, using full ter-
              minal resolution.

       -h     Use output TAB characters during  horizontal  spacing  to  speed
              output  and  reduce  output  character  count.  TAB settings are
              assumed to be every 8 nominal character widths.

       -i     Read the standard input after the input files are exhausted.

       -q     Invoke the simultaneous input-output mode of the rd request.

       -mname Prepend the  macro  file  /usr/share/lib/tmac/tmac.name  to  the
              input files.

       -nN    Number first generated page N.

              Print  only  pages  whose page numbers appear in the comma-sepa-
              rated list of numbers and ranges.  A range  N-M  means  pages  N
              through M; an initial -N means from the beginning to page N; and
              a final N- means from N to the end.

       -raN   Set register a (one-character) to N.

       -sN    Stop every N pages.  nroff will halt  prior  to  every  N  pages
              (default  N=1)  to  allow  paper  loading  or changing, and will
              resume upon receipt of a NEWLINE.

       -Tname Prepare output for a device of the specified name.  Known  names
              37                  Teletype  Corporation  Model  37 terminal --
                                  this is the default.
              crt  |  lpr  |  tn300
                                  GE TermiNet 300, or any line printer or ter-
                                  minal without half-line capability.
              300                 DASI-300.
              300-12              DASI-300 -- 12-pitch.
              300S  |  302  |  dtc
              300S-12  |  302-12  |  dtc12
              382                 DASI-382 (fancy DTC 382).
              382-12              DASI-82 (fancy DTC 382 -- 12-pitch).
              450  |  ipsi        DASI-450 (Diablo Hyterm).
              450-12  |  ipsi12   DASI-450 (Diablo Hyterm) -- 12-pitch.
              450-12-8            DASI-450  (Diablo  Hyterm) -- 12-pitch and 8
              450X                DASI-450X (Diablo Hyterm).
              832                 AJ 832.
              833                 AJ 833.
              832-12              AJ 832 -- 12-pitch.
              833-12              AJ 833 -- 12-pitch.
              epson               Epson FX80.
              itoh                C:ITOH Prowriter.
              itoh-12             C:ITOH Prowriter -- 12-pitch.
              nec                 NEC 55?0 or NEC 77?0 Spinwriter.
              nec12               NEC 55?0 or NEC 77?0 Spinwriter -- 12-pitch.
              nec-t               NEC 55?0/77?0 Spinwriter -- Tech-Math/Times-
              qume                Qume Sprint -- 5 or9.
              qume12              Qume Sprint -- 5 or 9,12-pitch.
              xerox               Xerox 17?0 or Diablo 16?0.
              xerox12             Xerox 17?0 or Diablo 16?0 -- 12-pitch.
              x-ecs               Xerox/Diablo  1730/630 -- Extended Character
              x-ecs12             Xerox/Diablo 1730/630 -- Extended  Character
                                  Set, 12-pitch.
              man                 Dumb terminal, used for online man pages.

       The following command:

              example% nroff -s4 -me users.guide

       formats  users.guide  using the -me macro package, and stopping every 4

       /tmp/ta*                    temporary file
       /usr/share/lib/tmac/tmac.*  standard macro files
       /usr/share/lib/term/*       terminal driving tables for nroff
       /usr/share/lib/term/README  index to terminal description files

       checknr(1), col(1V), eqn(1), tbl(1), troff(1), term(5), man(7),  me(7),

       nroff is not 8-bit clean because making nroff 8-bit clean would require
       rewriting the nroff internals and filters.  Also, some nroff syntax  is
       based  on  ASCII  only  and  does  not  lend  itself to 8-bit character

                               22 December 1987                       NROFF(1)