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nroff(1)							     nroff(1)


  nroff	- Formats text


  nroff	[option...] [file...]


  Options can appear in	any order as long as they precede any file names.

      Prints only pages	whose page numbers appear in the comma-separated list
      of numbers and ranges specified in the list argument. A range of N-M
      means pages N through M.	An argument of the form	-N means from the
      beginning	of the text up to page N.  An argument of the form N- means
      from page	N to the end of	the text.

  -nN Directs nroff to use N as	the number for the first generated page.

  -sN Stops every N pages.  The	nroff command halts after formatting N pages
      to allow paper reloading or changing and resumes when it receives	a new
      line signal.  The	default	for N is 1.

      Prepends the macro file /usr/share/lib/tmac/tmac.name to the files
      specified	in the nroff command line.

      Sets register a to N.  The register specification	is limited to a	sin-
      gle character.

  -i  Reads from standard input	after the specified list of files is

  -q  Invokes the simultaneous input-output mode of the	.rd request.

      Prepares output for the specified	terminal.  The name argument refers
      to tabname files in /usr/share/lib/term.	The default name is lpr,
      which refers to a	dumb 10-pitch printer with no halfline or upline

  -e  Produces equally-spaced words in adjusted	lines, using full terminal

  -h  Uses output tabs during horizontal spacing to speed output and reduce
      output character count.  Tab settings are	assumed	to be every eight
      nominal character	widths.


  The nroff command formats text in the	specified files	for typewriter-like
  devices.  If no file argument	is present, nroff reads	from standard input.
  An argument consisting of a single minus sign	(-) is taken to	be a file
  name corresponding to	standard input.


      Temporary	file

      Standard macro files

      Terminal driver tables for nroff


  Commands:  checknr(1), man(1), neqn(1), soelim(1), tbl(1), catman(8)

  Files:  term(4), man(5), me(5), ms(5), rsml(5)