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next(1)								      next(1)


  next - show the next message (only available within the message handling
  system, mh)


  next [+foldername] [-[no]header] [-help] [-showproc program] [-noshowproc]
  [options to showproc]



      Displays a one-line header before	the message. The header	consists of
      the name of the folder and the message number. This is the default
      behavior.	It can be suppressed with the -noheader	option.

      Prints a list of the valid options to this command.

  -showproc program [ options ]

      Specifies	an alternative program to list messages. The default is	to
      use the program defined by the showproc: entry in	the .mh_profile	file.
      As with show, you	can give options to the	showproc program at the	com-
      mand line. These are passed directly to showproc by next.	(If you
      specify an option	that has a numerical value, leave no space between
      the argument and the value.  See RESTRICTIONS for	more information.)

  The defaults for this	command	are:

       +folder defaults	to the current folder


  The command next displays the	next message in	the current folder. The	next
  message is the one after the current message in the folder. The message
  that is shown	becomes	the current message.

  If you name a	folder using the +folder argument, next	displays the next
  message in the folder	you specify. That folder becomes the current folder.


  The next command is really a link to the show	program. As a result, if you
  make a link to next and that link is not called next,	your link will act
  like show instead. To	avoid this, add	a profile-entry	for the	link to	your
  .mh_profile and add the argument next	to the entry.

  Also,	if you use the showproc	switch to specify an alternative viewer,
  leave	no space between the options specified with the	viewer and their
  values. For example, if you want to use the more command to scroll through
  messages in your inbox folder, and you want to pause every five lines, you
  would	enter the following command, where there is no space between the
  option n and the value 5:

       % next +inbox -showproc more -n5

  If there is space between the	option n and the value 5, the command inter-
  prets	5 as a message number to view.


  Path:	To determine the user's	Mail directory

  showproc: Program to show the	message


      The user profile.


  show(1), prev(1), mh_profile(4)