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 newmail(1)							  newmail(1)

      newmail - notify users of new mail in mailboxes

      newmail [-i interval] [-w] [file-spec]...

      The newmail utility monitors your incoming mailbox or specified mail

      The basic operation is that the program checks the folders each
      interval seconds (default 60) and lists any new mail that has arrived
      in any of the mailboxes, indicating the sender's name, and the subject
      of the message.

      Without any options, newmail runs in the background at a default
      interval of 60 seconds to monitor the user's incoming mailbox.  So
      that they are suitable for display on an already active screen,
      messages are prefixed with a pair of pointer characters as follows:

	   >&gt&gt>>&gt&gt> Mail from sender-name - subject-of-message
	   >&gt&gt>>&gt&gt> Priority sender-name - subject-of-message

      If there is no subject, the message (No Subject Specified) is
      displayed.  If there is more than one folder, output lines are
      prefixed by the folder-name or the prefix string specified by file-

      newmail runs until you log out or explicitly kill it.  It can
      internally reset itself if the mailbox shrinks in size and then grows

      newmail recognizes the following options:

	   -i interval	  Set the time interval between mailbox checks to
			  the value specified, in seconds.  The default is

			  interval must be less than 2^32 seconds.  If it is
			  set to less than 10 seconds, newmail warns that
			  such short intervals are not recommended.

	   -w		  Run the program within the current window in the
			  foreground with a more succinct output format.

			  The output formats become:

			  Mail from sender-name - subject-of-message
			  Priority sender-name - subject-of-message

 Hewlett-Packard Company	    - 1 -   HP-UX Release 11i: November 2000

 newmail(1)							  newmail(1)

      newmail recognizes the following operand:

	   file-spec	  Specifies the name of a folder and an optional
			  prefix string, in the form:


			  Metacharacters such as +, =, and % indicate the
			  folder directory.  The default is the value of the
			  environment variable MAILDIR or $HOME/Mail.

      Check incoming mailbox every 60 seconds:


      Check incoming mailboxes of joe and root every 15 seconds for new

	   newmail -i 15 joe root

      Monitor the incoming mailbox of user mary and the folder in your mail
      directory called postmaster.  Prefix all new messages in the incoming
      mailbox of mary with the string Mary, and the new messages in the
      folder postmaster with POBOX.  Also, monitor folder /tmp/mbox:

	   newmail "mary=Mary" +postmaster=POBOX /tmp/mbox

      newmail was developed by HP.

 Hewlett-Packard Company	    - 2 -   HP-UX Release 11i: November 2000