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mwrite(1)							    mwrite(1)


  mwrite - mtools utility to perform a low level write (copy) of a UNIX	file
  to DOS


  mwrite [-mntv] unixfile msdosfile

  mwrite [-mntv] unixfile [unixfiles...] [msdosdirectory]


  -m  Preserves	the file modification time.

  -n  Specifies	that a warning is not issued when an existing file is speci-
      fied as the target file.	If this	option is not specified, the mwrite
      command verifies whether or not to overwrite an existing file.

  -t  Specifies	a text file transfer.  Line terminators	are converted to the
      appropriate format.

  -v  Specifies	verbose	mode.  Displays	the new	file name if the UNIX file
      name requires conversion.


  The mwrite command copies the	specified UNIX file to the named DOS file, or
  copies multiple UNIX files to	the named DOS directory.  The destination
  directory cannot be omitted. Reasonable care is taken	to create a valid DOS
  file name.  If an invalid name is specified, the mwrite command changes the
  name,	then displays the new name if the -v option is specified.

  DOS subdirectory names that contain the '/' or '\' separator are supported.
  If you use the '\' separator or wildcards, you must enclose file names in
  quotes to protect them from the shell.

  The mcd command can be used to establish the device and the current working
  directory (relative to DOS), otherwise the default is	A:\.

  Not all UNIX file names are supported	in the DOS world.  The mwrite command
  may have to change UNIX names	to fit the DOS file name conventions. The
  following table shows	some examples of file name conversions:

  UNIX name	DOS name   Reason for the change
  thisisatest	THISISAT   file	name too long
  file.stuff	FILE.STU   extension too long
  prn.txt	XRN.TXT	   PRN is a device name
  .abc		X.ABC	   null	file name
  hot+cold	HOTXCOLD   illegal character


  The following	exit values are	returned:

  0   Success.

  1   Failure.


  The following	environment variables affect the execution of mwrite:

      If set, this variable names the file that	contains the name of the
      current mtools working directory as established by the mcd command.  If
      this variable is not set,	the file $HOME/.mcwd is	used.


      Contains the name	of the current mtools working directory	as esta-
      blished by the mcd command.  If this file	does not exist,	the default
      mtools working directory is A:\.

      Executable file


  Commands:  dos2unix(1) mcd(1), mcopy(1), mdiskcopy(1), mkmanifest(1),
  mread(1), mtools(1), unix2dos(1)