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mt(1)                            User Commands                           mt(1)

       mt - magnetic tape control

       mt [-f tapename] command... [count]

       The  mt utility sends commands to a magnetic tape drive. If -f tapename
       is not specified, the environment variable TAPE is used. If  TAPE  does
       not exist, mt uses the device /dev/rmt/0n.

       The following option is supported:

       -f tapename     Specifies the raw tape device.

       The following operands are supported:

       count           The  number of times that the requested operation is to
                       be performed. By default, mt  performs   command  once.
                       Multiple  operations  of   command  may be performed by
                       specifying count.

       command         Available commands that can be sent to a magnetic  tape
                       drive.  Only  as  many  characters  as  are required to
                       uniquely identify a command need be specified.

                       eof             Writes count EOF marks at  the  current
                       weof            position on the tape.

                       fsf             Forward  spaces  over  count EOF marks.
                                       The tape is  positioned  on  the  first
                                       block of the file.

                       fsr             Forward spaces count records.

                       bsf             Back  spaces  over count EOF marks. The
                                       tape is positioned on the beginning-of-
                                       tape side of the  EOF mark.

                       bsr             Back spaces count records.

                       nbsf            Back  spaces  count  files. The tape is
                                       positioned on the first  block  of  the
                                       file.  This  is  equivalent  to count+1
                                       bsf's followed by one fsf.

                       asf             Specifies absolute space to count  file
                                       number.  This is equivalent to a rewind
                                       followed by a fsf count.

                       If count is specified with any of  the  following  com-
                       mands,  the  count  is  ignored and the command is per-
                       formed only once.

                       eom             Spaces to the end of recorded media  on
                                       the  tape. This is useful for appending
                                       files onto previously written tapes.

                       rewind          Rewinds the tape.

                       offline         Rewinds the tape and,  if  appropriate,
                       rewoffl         takes   the  drive  unit   off-line  by
                                       unloading the tape.

                       status          Prints  status  information  about  the
                                       tape unit.

                       retension       Rewinds  the cartridge tape completely,
                                       then winds it forward to the end of the
                                       reel  and  back to beginning-of-tape to
                                       smooth out tape tension.

                       reserve         Allows  the  tape   drive   to   remain
                                       reserved  after closing the device. The
                                       drive must then be explicitly released.

                       release         Re-establishes the default behavior  of
                                       releasing at close.

                       forcereserve    Breaks  the  reservation  of  the  tape
                                       drive held by  another  host  and  then
                                       reserves  the  tape drive. This command
                                       can be executed  only  with  super-user

                       erase           Erases  the  entire tape. Caution: Some
                                       tape drives have option settings  where
                                       only   portions  of  the  tape  may  be
                                       erased. Be sure to select  the  correct
                                       setting  to erase the whole tape. Eras-
                                       ing a tape may take a long time depend-
                                       ing on the device and/or tape. Refer to
                                       the device  specific  manual  for  time

                       config          Reads  the drives current configuration
                                       from the  driver  and  displays  it  in
                                       st.conf  format. See st(7D) for defini-
                                       tion of fields and there meanings.

       0        All operations were successful.

       1        Command was unrecognized or mt was unable to open  the  speci-
                fied tape drive.

       2        An operation failed.

       /dev/rmt/*      magnetic tape interface

       See attributes(5) for descriptions of the following attributes:

       tab()     allbox;     cw(2.750000i)|    cw(2.750000i)    lw(2.750000i)|
       lw(2.750000i).  ATTRIBUTE TYPEATTRIBUTE VALUE AvailabilitySUNWcsu

       tar(1), tcopy(1), ar.h(3HEAD), environ(4),  attributes(5),  mtio(  7I),

       Not  all  devices support all options. Some options are hardware-depen-
       dent. Refer to the corresponding device manual page.

       mt is architecture sensitive. Heterogeneous operation (that  is,  SPARC
       to x86 or the reverse) is not supported.

SunOS 5.10                        1 Sep 2004                             mt(1)