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mkdep(1)							     mkdep(1)


  mkdep	- generate dependency list from	a C program


  mkdep	[-a] [-f depend_file] [-p] [cc_options]	file...

  The mkdep command generates a	dependency list	file from a C source program.


  -a  Causes mkdep to append its output	to the end of the dependency file
      instead of creating a new	dependency file.  If the dependency file does
      not exist, mkdep creates it.

  -f depend_file
      Specifies	a name for the dependency file;	overrides the default file
      name .depend.

  -p  Inhibits mkdep from appending the	suffix .o to the names of object
      files listed in the output.


  The mkdep command uses cc(1) to compile a list of dependency files required
  to build the named C program file or files.  The list	is formatted so	that
  it is	suitable for inclusion into a makefile for make(1).  Duplicate depen-
  dency	listings for a given program are included only once in the output.

  You can specify C compiler options by	including them in the command line;
  mkdep	passes all unrecognized	options	through	to the compiler.

  By default, mkdep writes to a	file named .depend; use	the -f option to
  specify an alternative output	file name.


  The following	example	illustrates the	use of mkdep with the -p option:

       % cat hello.c
       #include	<stdio.h>

       main() {

	       printf("%s0","Hello World!");
       % mkdep -p -f hello.depend hello.c
       % cat hello.depend
       hello:  hello.c /usr/include/stdio.h /usr/include/standards.h
       hello:  /usr/include/sys/types.h	/usr/include/standards.h
       hello:  /usr/include/mach/machine/vm_types.h /usr/include/sys/limits.h
       hello:  /usr/include/standards.h	/usr/include/machine/machlimits.h
       hello:  /usr/include/sys/syslimits.h /usr/include/float.h
       hello:  /usr/include/standards.h	/usr/include/fp_class.h
       hello:  /usr/include/machine/machtime.h


  Commands:  cc(1), make(1)