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mhmail(1)							    mhmail(1)


  mhmail - send	or read	mail (only available within the	message	handling sys-
  tem, mh)


  mhmail [addrs...] [options]


  -body	text
      Specifies	the text of the	message. If it is specified, then the stan-
      dard input is not	read.

  -cc addrs
      Specifies	addresses to be	placed in the cc: field	of the message.

  -from	addr
      Specifies	the content of the From: header	of the draft. The address
      given is placed in the From: field of the	message. The Sender: field is
      filled in	correctly by post.

      Prints a list of the valid options for this command.

  -mts smtp
      Specifies	the mail system	over which mail	is sent. The only value
      allowed is smtp, which is	the standard mail system.  Additional values
      are supported only for use with other mail systems.

  -subject text
      Provides the text	of the Subject:	field of the message.


  The mhmail program is	intended as a replacement for the standard mail	pro-
  grams, bellmail and ucbmail. See binmail(1) and mail(1) for more details of
  these	mail programs. When invoked without arguments, it simply invokes inc
  to incorporate new messages from the user's maildrop.	When one or more
  users	is specified, a	message	is read	from the standard input	and spooled
  to a temporary file. The mhmail program then invokes post with the name of
  the temporary	file as	its argument to	deliver	the message to the specified

  Normally, people will	use comp and send to send messages.


  Messages with	a null body part will not be sent by mhmail.  You must
  include some body text in all	messages to be sent by mhmail.

  For this version, the	-mts option only supports the value smtp. Additional
  values are supported for use only with other mail systems.


      Program to incorporate a maildrop	into a folder.

      Program to deliver a message.

      Temporary	copy of	message.


  inc(1), post(8)