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merge(1)							     merge(1)
Free Software Foundation			     Free Software Foundation


  merge	- three-way file merge


  merge	[-Llabel1 [-Llabel3]] [-p] [-q]	file1 file2 file3


  merge	incorporates all changes that lead from	file2 to file3 into file1.
  The result goes to standard output if	-p is present, into file1 otherwise.
  merge	is useful for combining	separate changes to an original.  Suppose
  file2	is the original, and both file1	and file3 are modifications of file2.
  Then merge combines both changes.

  An overlap occurs if both file1 and file3 have changes in a common segment
  of lines. On a few older hosts where diff3 does not support the -E option,
  merge	does not detect	overlaps, and merely supplies the changed lines	from
  file3. On most hosts,	if overlaps occur, merge outputs a message (unless
  the -q option	is given), and includes	both alternatives in the result.  The
  alternatives are delimited as	follows:

       <<<<<<< file1
       lines in	file1
       lines in	file3
       >&gt;>&gt;>&gt;>&gt;>&gt;>&gt;>&gt; file3

  If there are overlaps, the user should edit the result and delete one	of
  the alternatives. If the -L label1 and -L label3 options are given, the
  labels are output in place of	the names file1	and file3 in overlap reports.


  Exit status is 0 for no overlaps, 1 for some overlaps, 2 for trouble.


  Author: Walter F. Tichy.
  Revision Number:; Release Date: 1993/10/07.
  Copyright  1982, 1988, 1989 by Walter F. Tichy.
  Copyright  1990, 1991 by Paul Eggert.


  diff3(1), diff(1), rcsmerge(1), co(1)