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LPSTAT(1)                   General Commands Manual                  LPSTAT(1)

       lpstat - display the printer status information

       lpstat [ -d ] [ -r ] [ -s ] [ -t ] [ -a [ list ]] [ -c [ list ]]
     [ -o [ list ]] [ -p [ list ]]
     [ -u [ list ]] [ -v [ list ]]

       lpstat  prints  information  about  the  current  status of the printer
       spooling system.

       If no options are given, then lpstat prints the status of all  requests
       made to lp(1) by the user.  When the destination printer is not explic-
       itly specified, the value of the LPDEST environment variable is used by
       default.  If LPDEST is not defined, then the value of the PRINTER envi-
       ronment variable is used.  If PRINTER is not defined either,  then  the
       system default printer is used.  Any arguments that are not options are
       assumed to be request ids (as returned by lp).  lpstat prints the  sta-
       tus of such requests.

       The  options  below  may  appear  in  any order and may be repeated and
       intermixed with other arguments.  Some of the options below may be fol-
       lowed  by  an  optional list that can be in one of two forms: a list of
       items separated from one another  by  a  comma,  or  a  list  of  items
       enclosed  in  double  quotes  and separated from one another by a comma
       and/or one or more SPACE characters.  For example:

              -u"user1, user2, user3"

       The omission of a list following such options  prints  all  information
       relevant to the option, for example:

              lpstat -o

       prints the status of all output requests.

       -d        Print the system default destination for output requests.

       -r        Print the status of the printer request scheduler

       -s        Print  a  status  summary,  including  the status of the line
                 printer scheduler, the system default destination, a list  of
                 class  names  and  their  members, and a list of printers and
                 their associated devices.

       -t        Print all status information.

       -a[list]  Print acceptance status of destinations for output  requests.
                 list is a list of intermixed printer names.

       -c[list]  Print class names and their members.  list is a list of class

       -o[list]  Print the status of output  requests.   list  is  a  list  of
                 intermixed printer names, class names, and request ids.

       -p[list]  Print  the  status  of  printers.   list is a list of printer

       -u[list]  Print status of output requests  for  users  on  the  default
                 printer.  list is a list of login names.

       -v[list]  Print the names of printers and the path names of the devices
                 associated with them.  list is a list of printer names.


       lp(1), lpr(1), lprm(1), lpc(8), lpd(8)

                                 21 June 1988                        LPSTAT(1)