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LOCKSCREEN(1)               General Commands Manual              LOCKSCREEN(1)

       lockscreen,  lockscreen_default  - maintain SunView context and prevent
       casual access

       lockscreen [ -enr ] [ -b program ] [ -t seconds ]
       [ gfx-program [ gfx-program-arguments ] ]

       This command is available with the software installation option.  Refer
       to for information about installing optional software.

       lockscreen  is  a  SunView utility that locks the screen against casual
       access while preserving the state of the SunView  display.   It  clears
       the workstation screen to black, and then runs gfx-program, which typi-
       cally provides a moving graphics display to reduce phosphor burn.  When
       no gfx-program is provided, a suitable default program is run.

       lockscreen  requires  the  user's  password before restoring the window
       context.  When any keyboard or mouse button is  pressed,  the  graphics
       screen  is replaced by a password screen that displays the user name, a
       small box with a bouncing logo, and a prompt for the  user's  password.
       If  the  user  has no password, or if the -n option is used, the window
       context is simply restored.

       When the password screen appears:

              o   Restore the window context by entering the  user's  password
                  followed  by  a  RETURN  (this password is not echoed on the
                  screen) or,

              o   Point to the black box and click the left button  to  return
                  to the graphics display.

       If neither of the above actions is taken, gfx_program resumes execution
       after the interval specified with the -t option.

       -e     Add the Exit Desktop choice to the password screen.  If  pointed
              to  and  clicked, the SunView environment is exited and the cur-
              rent user is logged out.  This option is unreliable and can be a
              security hole, its use is strongly discouraged.  See BUGS.

       -n     Require no password to reenter the window environment.

       -r     Allow  the use of the user name root in the `Name:' field of the
              password screen.  Normally, root is not accepted as a valid user

       -b program
              Allow  an  additional  program  to  be run as a child process of
              lockscreen.  This background process could be a  compile  server
              or  some  other  useful  program  that  the user wants run while
              lockscreen is running.  No arguments are passed to this program.

       -t seconds
              After seconds seconds, clear the  password  screen  and  restart
              gfx-program.  The default is 5 minutes (300 seconds).

       [ gfx-program ] [ gfx-program-arguments ]
              Run  this  program  after clearing the screen to black.  When no
              program  argument  is   present,   lockscreen   tries   to   run
              lockscreen_default  if it is in the standard search path; other-
              wise, a bouncing Sun logo appears.   When  gfx-program-arguments
              are  specified  and  the  gfx-program  is not, the arguments are
              passed to lockscreen_default.  lockscreen_default is typically a
              non-interactive   graphics   program   (see  graphics_demos(6)).
              lockscreen does not search for lockscreen_default when the  gfx-
              program  is  specified explicitly as an empty argument (an adja-
              cent pair of quote-marks).

                           Default gfx-program.  This  displays  a  series  of
                           life(6)     patterns.      If    a    file    named
                           lockscreen_default appears earlier  in  the  search
                           path, that file is used instead.

       login(1), sunview(1)

       lockscreen  is  more secure when gfx-program are not specified and when
       lockscreen_default is not in the search  path.   To  improve  security,
       enter  the following command as root, or start lockscreen with an empty
       argument (see OPTIONS, above).

              example# mv  /usr/bin/lockscreen_default  /usr/bin/lockscreen_default-

       The -e option does not consistently log the current user out by  click-
       ing  on the Exit Desktop button.  Occassionally, users will be returned
       to the shell or the Desktop without requiring a password.  This  option
       is unreliable, and its use could allow unsecure access to the system.

                                7 October 1990                   LOCKSCREEN(1)