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lndir(1X)							    lndir(1X)
X11R6									X11R6


  lndir	- create a shadow directory of symbolic	links to another directory


  lndir	fromdir	[todir]


  lndir	makes a	shadow copy todir of a directory tree fromdir, except that
  the shadow is	not populated with real	files but instead with symbolic	links
  pointing at the real files in	the fromdir directory tree.  This is usually
  useful for maintaining source	code for different machine architectures.
  You create a shadow directory	containing links to the	real source which you
  will have usually NFS	mounted	from a machine of a different architecture,
  and then recompile it.  The object files will	be in the shadow directory,
  while	the source files in the	shadow directory are just symlinks to the
  real files.

  This has the advantage that if you update the	source,	you need not pro-
  pagate the change to the other architectures by hand,	since all source in
  shadow directories are symlinks to the real thing: just cd to	the shadow
  directory and	recompile.

  The todir argument is	optional and defaults to the current directory.	 The
  fromdir argument may be relative (e.g., ../src) and is relative to todir
  (not the current directory).

  Note that RCS, SCCS, and CVS.adm directories are not shadowed.

  Note also that if you	add files, you must run	lndir again.  Deleting files
  is difficult because the symlinks will point to places that no longer


  The patch routine needs to be	able to	change the files. You should never
  run patch from a shadow directory.

  Use a	command	like the following to clear out	all files before you can
  relink (if the fromdir has been moved, for instance):

	    find todir -type l -print |	xargs rm

  The following	command	will find all files that are not directories:

	    find . \! -type d -print