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 lifls(1)							    lifls(1)

      lifls - list contents of a LIF directory

      lifls [option] name

      lifls lists the contents of a LIF directory on standard output.  The
      default output format lists file names in multiple columns (similar to
      ls(1), except unsorted) if standard output is a character special
      file.  If standard output is not a tty device, the output format is
      one file name per line.  name is a path name to an HP-UX file
      containing a LIF volume and optional file name.  If name is a volume
      name, the entire volume is listed.  If name is of the form
      volume:file, only the file is listed.  The following options are
      available, and only one option should be specified with a given

	   -l	   List in long format, giving volume name, volume size,
		   directory start, directory size, file type, file size,
		   file start, "implementation" field (in hex), date
		   created, last volume, and volume number.

	   -C	   Force multiple column output format regardless of
		   standard output type.

	   -L	   Return the content of the "last volume flag" in decimal.

	   -i	   Return the content of the "implementation" field in hex.

	   -v	   Return the content of the "volume number" in decimal.

	   -b blist
		   Report only on files using block numbers specified on the
		   command line in blist, a comma separated list of block
		   numbers in DEV_BSIZE units.

      Do not mount the special file while using lifls.

      lifls returns zero if the directory was listed successfully.
      Otherwise it prints a diagnostic and returns nonzero.

      lifls -C /dev/rdsk/c0t6d0

      lifls was developed by HP.

      lifcp(1), lifinit(1), lifrename(1), lifrm(1), lif(4).

 Hewlett-Packard Company	    - 1 -   HP-UX Release 11i: November 2000