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LEAVE(1)                    General Commands Manual                   LEAVE(1)

       leave - remind you when you have to leave

       leave [[ + ] hhmm ]

       leave  sets  an  alarm to a time you specify and will tell you when the
       time is up.  leave waits until the specified  time,  then  reminds  you
       that you have to leave.  You are reminded 5 minutes and 1 minute before
       the actual time, and at the time.  After the specified time, it reminds
       you  every minute thereafter 10 more times.  leave disappears after you
       log off.

       You can specify the time in on of two ways, namely as an absolute  time
       of day in the form hhmm where hh is a time in hours (on a 12 or 24 hour
       clock), or you can place a + sign in front of the time, in  which  case
       the time is relative to the current time, that is, the specified number
       of hours and minutes from now.  All times are converted to  a  12  hour
       clock, and assumed to be in the next 12 hours.

       If  no  argument  is  given,  leave  prompts  with `When do you have to
       leave?'.  leave exits if you just type a NEWLINE, otherwise  the  reply
       is  assumed  to  be  a  time.  This form is suitable for inclusion in a
       .login or .profile.

       leave ignores interrupts, quits, and terminates.  To get rid of it  you
       should either log off or use kill  -9 and its process ID.

       The first example sets the alarm to an absolute time of day:
              example% leave 1535
              Alarm set for Wed Mar  7 15:35:07 1984

                     work work work work

              example% Time to leave!

       The second example sets the alarm for 10 minutes in the future:
              example% leave +10 Alarm set for Wed Mar 7 15:45:24 1984

                     work work work work

              example% Time to leave!

                     work work work work

              example% You're going to be late!



                               9 September 1987                       LEAVE(1)