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LASTCOMM(1)                 General Commands Manual                LASTCOMM(1)

       lastcomm - show the last commands executed, in reverse order

       lastcomm [ command-name ] ... [ user-name ] ... [ terminal-name ] ...

       lastcomm  gives  information on previously executed commands.  lastcomm
       with no arguments displays information about all the commands  recorded
       during  the  current  accounting file's lifetime.  If called with argu-
       ments, lastcomm displays only accounting entries with a  matching  com-
       mand-name, user-name, or terminal-name.

       The command

              example% lastcomm a.out root ttyd0

       would  produce a listing of all the executions of commands named a.out,
       by user root while using the terminal ttyd0.

              example% lastcomm root

       would produce a listing of all the commands executed by user root.

       For each process entry, lastcomm displays the following information:

              o  The command name under which the process was called.

              o  One or more flags indicating special  information  about  the
                 process.  The flags have the following meanings:

                 F  The process performed a fork but not an exec.

                 S  The process ran as a set-user-id program.

                 D  The process dumped memory.

                 X  The process was killed by some signal.

              o  The name of the user who ran the process.

              o  The  terminal  from  which the user was logged in at the time
                 (if applicable).

              o  The amount of CPU time used by the process (in seconds).

              o  The date and time the process starts.

       /var/adm/pacct      accounting file

       last(1), sigvec(2), acct(5), core(5)

                               7 September 1989                    LASTCOMM(1)