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invcutter(1)							 invcutter(1)


  invcutter - Generates	a subset inventory file


  /usr/lbin/invcutter [-d] [-f root-path] [-v version-code]


  -d  Enables debugging.  No useful diagnostics	are printed.

  -f root-path
      Specifies	an alternate root path for finding file	attribute informa-

  -v version-code
      Specifies	a 3-digit version code for use in the version field of the
      output records.  The default version code	is 010.


  The contents of a software product kit for the setld(8) command are speci-
  fied by a master inventory file whose	format is described in the stl_mi(4)
  reference page.  The invcutter command processes a master inventory file by
  reading inventory records from standard input	and writing one	record to
  standard output for each record read.

  The information contained in the output record is derived from the input
  record and from the file attribute information in the	file hierarchy rooted
  in the current directory.


  Input	records	must be	sorted in ascending ASCII order	on the pathname

  The invcutter	command	cannot process input-specified files which exist as
  sockets in the file hierarchy.

  If an	input-specified	file has a link	count greater than 1, all other	links
  to the file must be represented in the input.


  An exit status of 0 indicates	success.  An exit status of 1 indicates	an
  error.  See ERRORS.


  cannot chdir to pathname (error-message)
      The program cannot set its working directory to the pathname directory
      specified	with the -f option.  The error-message provides	additional

  sort error, record #n
      The nth input record is not in the correct sort order.  All input
      records must be in ascending ASCII collating sequence on the pathname

  cannot stat filename (error-message)
      An error has occurred attempting to read the attributes of filename.
      The error-message	explains exactly what happened.

  pathname: illegal file type code 0140000
      The file named by	pathname is a socket.  Sockets are not supported as
      valid file types for distribution.

  unresolved nlink n : pathname
      File pathname in the master inventory is linked to n files which do not
      appear in	the master inventory.  Check the inventory for validity	with
      the newinv program.

  n unresolved hard links
      This informational message states	how many files with unresolved links
      were detected in the input inventory.


  The following	command	generates inventory records for	the master inventory
  entries in PDS020.mi.	Output records contain version fields set to 020:

       invcutter -v 020	<&lt; PDS020.mi


  Commands:  kits(1), newinv(1)

  Files:  stl_inv(4), stl_mi(4)

  Guide	to Preparing Product Kits