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intro(1)							     intro(1)


  intro	- Introduction to commands


  Section 1 describes the commands available for all Tru64 UNIX	users.

  Some reference pages in this section may contain suffixes to allow their
  files	to exist with those of other reference pages having the	same base
  name and section number. When	used, suffixes are made	up of one to four
  letters.  See	the man(1) reference page for more information on suffixes.

  Commands related to system maintenance appear	in Section 8.


  On termination, each command returns two bytes of status, one	supplied by
  the system giving the	cause for termination and, in the case of normal ter-
  mination, one	supplied by the	program.  For more information,	see exit(2).
  The first byte is 0 for normal termination; the second byte is customarily
  0 for	successful execution. A	nonzero	status indicates a problem, such as
  erroneous parameters,	or bad or inaccessible data. The status	value is
  called variously exit	code, exit status, or return code, and is described
  explicitly on	reference pages	only when special conventions apply.


  Commands:  man(1)

  Functions:  exit(2)