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file    att/cs/v7man/man1/adb.1 for     debugger

file    att/cs/v7man/man1/ar.1  for     archive and library main-

file    att/cs/v7man/man1/as.1 for     assembler

file    att/cs/v7man/man1/at.1 for     execute commands at a lat-
er time

file    att/cs/v7man/man1/awk.1 for     pattern scanning and pro-
cessing language

file    att/cs/v7man/man1/bas.1 for     basic

file    att/cs/v7man/man1/basename.1 for     strip  filename  af-

file    att/cs/v7man/man1/bc.1 for     arbitrary-precision arith-
metic language

file    att/cs/v7man/man1/cal.1 for     print calendar

file    att/cs/v7man/man1/calendar.1 for     reminder service

file    att/cs/v7man/man1/cat.1 for     catenate and print

file    att/cs/v7man/man1/cb.1 for     C program beautifier

file    att/cs/v7man/man1/cc.1 for     C compiler

file    att/cs/v7man/man1/cd.1 for     change working directory

file    att/cs/v7man/man1/chmod.1 for     change mode

file    att/cs/v7man/man1/chown.1 for     change owner or group

file    att/cs/v7man/man1/cmp.1 for     compare two files

file    att/cs/v7man/man1/col.1 for     filter reverse line feeds

file    att/cs/v7man/man1/comm.1 for     select or  reject  lines
common to two sorted files

file    att/cs/v7man/man1/cp.1 for     copy

file    att/cs/v7man/man1/crypt.1 for     encode/decode

file    att/cs/v7man/man1/date.1 for     print and set the date

file    att/cs/v7man/man1/dc.1 for     desk calculator

file    att/cs/v7man/man1/dd.1 for     convert and copy a file

file    att/cs/v7man/man1/deroff.1  for     remove  nroff, troff,
tbl and eqn constructs

file    att/cs/v7man/man1/diff.1 for     differential  file  com-

file    att/cs/v7man/man1/diff3.1 for     3-way differential file

file    att/cs/v7man/man1/du.1 for     summarize disk usage

file    att/cs/v7man/man1/echo.1 for     echo arguments

file    att/cs/v7man/man1/ed.1 for     text editor

file    att/cs/v7man/man1/eqn.1 for     typeset mathematics

file    att/cs/v7man/man1/expr.1 for     evaluate arguments as an

file    att/cs/v7man/man1/f77.1 for     Fortran 77 compiler

file    att/cs/v7man/man1/factor.1  for     factor a number, gen-
erate large primes

file    att/cs/v7man/man1/file.1 for     determine file type

file    att/cs/v7man/man1/find.1 for     find files

file    att/cs/v7man/man1/grep.1 for     search a file for a pat-

file    att/cs/v7man/man1/intro.1  for     introduction  to  com-

file    att/cs/v7man/man1/join.1 for     relational database  op-

file    att/cs/v7man/man1/kill.1 for     terminate a process with
extreme prejudice

file    att/cs/v7man/man1/ld.1 for     loader

file    att/cs/v7man/man1/lex.1  for     generator   of   lexical
analysis programs

file    att/cs/v7man/man1/lint.1 for     a C program verifier

file    att/cs/v7man/man1/ln.1 for     make a link

file    att/cs/v7man/man1/login.1 for     sign on

file    att/cs/v7man/man1/look.1  for     find  lines in a sorted

file    att/cs/v7man/man1/lookall.1 for     look through all text
files on UNIX

file    att/cs/v7man/man1/lorder.1 for     find ordering relation
for an object library

file    att/cs/v7man/man1/ls.1 for     list contents of directory

file    att/cs/v7man/man1/m4.1 for     macro processor

file    att/cs/v7man/man1/mail.1  for     send  or  receive  mail
among users

file    att/cs/v7man/man1/make.1 for     maintain program groups

file    att/cs/v7man/man1/man.1  for     print  sections  of this

file    att/cs/v7man/man1/mesg.1 for     permit or deny messages

file    att/cs/v7man/man1/mkdir.1 for     make a directory

file    att/cs/v7man/man1/mv.1 for     move or rename  files  and

file    att/cs/v7man/man1/newgrp.1 for     log in to a new group

file    att/cs/v7man/man1/nice.1  for     run  a  command  at low

file    att/cs/v7man/man1/nm.1 for     print name list

file    att/cs/v7man/man1/od.1 for     octal dump

file    att/cs/v7man/man1/passwd.1 for     change login password

file    att/cs/v7man/man1/pr.1 for     print file

file    att/cs/v7man/man1/prep.1 for     prepare text for statis-
tical processing

file    att/cs/v7man/man1/prof.1 for     display profile data

file    att/cs/v7man/man1/ps.1 for     process status

file    att/cs/v7man/man1/ptx.1 for     permuted index

file    att/cs/v7man/man1/pubindex.1 for     make inverted bibli-
ographic index

file    att/cs/v7man/man1/pwd.1 for     working directory name

file    att/cs/v7man/man1/ranlib.1  for     convert  archives  to
random libraries

file    att/cs/v7man/man1/ratfor.1  for     rational  Fortran di-

file    att/cs/v7man/man1/refer.1 for     find and insert litera-
ture references in documents

file    att/cs/v7man/man1/rev.1 for     reverse lines of a file

file    att/cs/v7man/man1/rm.1 for     remove (unlink) files

file    att/cs/v7man/man1/roff.1 for     format text

file    att/cs/v7man/man1/sed.1 for     stream editor

file    att/cs/v7man/man1/sh.1

file    att/cs/v7man/man1/size.1 for     size of an object file

file    att/cs/v7man/man1/sleep.1  for     suspend  execution for
an interval

file    att/cs/v7man/man1/sort.1 for     sort or merge files

file    att/cs/v7man/man1/spell.1 for     find spelling errors

file    att/cs/v7man/man1/split.1  for     split  a   file   into

file    att/cs/v7man/man1/strip.1  for     remove symbols and re-
location bits

file    att/cs/v7man/man1/struct.1 for     structure Fortran pro-

file    att/cs/v7man/man1/stty.1 for     set terminal options

file    att/cs/v7man/man1/su.1  for     substitute user id tempo-

file    att/cs/v7man/man1/sum.1 for     sum and count blocks in a

file    att/cs/v7man/man1/tabs.1 for     set terminal tabs

file    att/cs/v7man/man1/tail.1 for     deliver the last part of
a file

file    att/cs/v7man/man1/tar.1 for     tape archiver

file    att/cs/v7man/man1/tbl.1 for     format tables  for  nroff
or troff

file    att/cs/v7man/man1/tc.1 for     photypesetter simulator

file    att/cs/v7man/man1/tee.1 for     pipe fitting

file    att/cs/v7man/man1/test.1 for     condition command

file    att/cs/v7man/man1/time.1 for     time a command

file    att/cs/v7man/man1/tk.1 for     paginator for the Tektron-
ix 4014

file    att/cs/v7man/man1/touch.1 for     update date last  modi-
fied of a file

file    att/cs/v7man/man1/tp.1 for     manipulate tape archive

file    att/cs/v7man/man1/tr.1 for     translate characters

file    att/cs/v7man/man1/troff.1   for     text  formatting  and

file    att/cs/v7man/man1/true.1 for     provide truth values

file    att/cs/v7man/man1/tsort.1 for     topological sort

file    att/cs/v7man/man1/tty.1 for     get terminal name

file    att/cs/v7man/man1/uniq.1 for     report repeated lines in
a file

file    att/cs/v7man/man1/units.1 for     conversion program

file    att/cs/v7man/man1/wait.1   for     await   completion  of

file    att/cs/v7man/man1/wc.1 for     word count

file    att/cs/v7man/man1/who.1 for     who is on the system

file    att/cs/v7man/man1/write.1 for     write to another user

file    att/cs/v7man/man1/xsend.1 for     secret mail

file    att/cs/v7man/man1/yacc.1  for     yet  another  compiler-