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DEFAULTSEDIT(1)             General Commands Manual            DEFAULTSEDIT(1)

       defaultsedit,        defaults_from_input,        defaults_to_indentpro,
       defaults_to_mailrc,     indentpro_to_defaults,     input_from_defaults,
       lockscreen_default,         mailrc_to_defaults,         scrolldefaults,
       stty_from_defaults - create or edit default settings for SunView utili-

       defaultsedit [ generic-tool-arguments ]










       These  commands  are  available  with the software installation option.
       Refer to for information on how to install optional software.

       defaultsedit is a SunView application that provides a convenient  means
       for  inspecting and setting default parameters.  It can be viewed as an
       alternative to the traditional UNIX operating system  .*rc  files  that
       contain  initialization  options  for various commands.  Currently, you
       can use defaultsedit to manipulate options to the  programs  indent(1),
       mail(1)  and  mailtool(1),  stty(1V),  and defaultsedit, as well as the
       menu, scrollbar, text subwindow and tty  subwindow  packages,  and  the
       SunView environment itself.

       The  remaining commands are used by defaultsedit to perform conversions
       and other functions; they can also be invoked directly from the shell:

              defaults_from_input update window-system I/O defaults from  cur-
                                  rent system values
                                  update  indent(1)  defaults  in the database
                                  from the .indent.pro file
              defaults_to_mailrc  update the .mailrc file  from  the  defaults
                                  update  indent defaults from the .indent.pro
              input_from_defaults update current system values for window-sys-
                                  tem I/O from defaults database
              lockscreen_default  apply current default for lockscreen(1) dis-
                                  play program
              mailrc_to_defaults  update mail(1) and/or  mailtool(1)  defaults
                                  from the .mailrc file
              scrolldefaults      a  SunView application that lets you try out
                                  different settings from the Scrollbar  cate-
                                  gory interactively
              stty_from_defaults  set  terminal  (TTY)  options  from defaults

       Any program or package that a user can customize by setting or changing
       a  parameter  could  be written so as to get its initialization options
       from the defaults database.  For further information, see

       defaultsedit accepts all of the generic  tool  arguments  discussed  in

       This only applies to defaultsedit.

       defaultsedit consists of four subwindows.  From top to bottom they are:

       control        Contains  the  name of the category currently displayed,
                      and buttons labeled SAVE, QUIT, RESET,  and  EDIT  ITEM.
                      To  change  the category, click the LEFT mouse button on
                      the word CATEGORY, or use the menu that pops up when you
                      click the RIGHT mouse button.

       message        A  small text subwindow where messages from defaultsedit
                      are displayed.

       parameters     Shows all current default parameter  names  with  corre-
                      sponding  values.  Clicking the LEFT mouse button over a
                      parameter displays a help string in the message  subwin-

       edit           A  small  text  subwindow  which enables text editing of
                      parameter values.  This is useful  for  very  long  text
                      values, such as a long mailing list.

   Control Panel
       SAVE           Save  the  current  values that differ from the standard
                      defaults in  your  private  database  --  that  is,  the
                      .defaults file in your home directory.

       QUIT           Exit without saving any changes.

       RESET          Reset  the default parameters of the current category to
                      the values in your private database.  This is useful  if
                      you  change  some values, then change your mind and want
                      to restore the original values.

       EDIT ITEM      Clicking the RIGHT mouse button over the EDIT ITEM  but-
                      ton  brings  up  a  menu  with three choices: COPY ITEM,
                      DELETE ITEM and EDIT LABEL.  Only text or numeric  items
                      can  be  edited.   Note: edits made using this menu will
                      appear only in your private defaults  database,  not  in
                      the  master  database.  The three editing operations are
                      described below.

       COPY ITEM      Choosing COPY ITEM will duplicate the current item.  You
                      can  then edit both the label and the value of the newly
                      created item.  Only items with text  or  numeric  values
                      can be copied in this way.  COPY ITEM is useful when you
                      want to change the number of instances of a certain type
                      of  item -- for example, to insert a new mail alias into
                      your defaults database.

       DELETE ITEM    Choosing DELETE ITEM will delete the current  item  from
                      your private database.  It cannot be permanently deleted
                      if the corresponding node is present in the master data-
                      base.  However, you can make it behave like an undefined
                      node by giving it the special value 255Undefined255.

       EDIT LABEL     Choosing EDIT LABEL allows you to edit the label of  the
                      current  item.  When you choose EDIT LABEL, the label of
                      the current item changes from bold to normal face.  Then
                      you  can  select the label and edit it as a normal panel
                      text item.

       Note: SunView starts up faster when you set the Private_only  parameter
       in  the  Defaults  category  to  TRUE,  in which case only your private
       .defaults file is read.

       DEFAULTS_FILE       The value of this  environment  variable  indicates
                           the  file  from  which private SunView defaults are
                           read.  When it is undefined, defaults are read from
                           the .defaults file in your home directory.

                           System-wide parameters and their standard settings.
                           Each file is a category in defaultsedit.

       indent(1), lockscreen(1), mail(1), mailtool(1), stty(1V), sunview(1)

       Editing of choice items or categories is not supported by defaultsedit.
       Neither is editing of the master defaults database -- to add a new pro-
       gram to the master  defaults  database,  you  have  to  edit  a  master
       defaults textfile.

       defaultsedit  reorders  mail  aliases  that appear in the .mailrc file.
       This can adversely affect recursive mail aliases.  To avoid  this,  use
       the  source  command  for  mail(1)  to  include  a file containing such

                               15 February 1988                DEFAULTSEDIT(1)