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PLOT(1G)                                                              PLOT(1G)

       plot,  aedplot,  bgplot,  crtplot,  dumbplot, gigiplot, hpplot, implot,
       t300, t300s, t4013, t450, tek - graphics filters for various plotters

       plot [ -Tterminal ]

       This command is  available  with  the  Graphics  software  installation
       option.  Refer to for information on how to install optional software.

       plot  reads plotting instructions (see plot(5)) from the standard input
       and produces plotting instructions suitable for a  particular  terminal
       on the standard output.

       If  no  terminal  is  specified, the environment variable TERM is used.
       The default terminal is tek.

       Except for ver, the following terminal-types can be used with `lpr  -g'
       see lpr(1)) to produce plotted output:

              2648 | 2648a | h8 | hp2648 | hp2648a
                          Hewlett Packard 2648 graphics terminal.

              300         DASI 300 or GSI terminal (Diablo mechanism).

              300s | 300S DASI 300s terminal (Diablo mechanism).

              450         DASI Hyterm 450 terminal (Diablo mechanism).

              4013        Tektronix 4013 storage scope.

              4014 | tek  Tektronix  4014 and 4015 storage scope with Enhanced
                          Graphics Module.  (Use 4013 for  Tektronix  4014  or
                          4015 without the Enhanced Graphics Module).

              aed         AED 512 color graphics terminal.

              bgplot | bitgraph
                          BBN bitgraph graphics terminal.

              crt         Any crt terminal capable of running vi(1).

              dumb | un | unknown
                          Dumb  terminals  without  cursor  addressing or line

              gigi | vt125
                          DEC vt125 terminal.

              h7 | hp7 | hp7221
                          Hewlett Packard 7221 graphics terminal.

              implot      Imagen plotter.

              var         Benson Varian printer-plotter

              ver         Versatec  D1200A  printer-plotter.   The  output  is
                          scan-converted and suitable input to `lpr -v'.


       graph(1G), lpr(1), vi(1), plot(3X), plot(5), rasterfile(5)

                               22 December 1987                       PLOT(1G)