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HELP_VIEWER(1)              General Commands Manual             HELP_VIEWER(1)

       help_viewer  - SunView application providing help with applications and

       /usr/lib/help_viewer [ -A time ] [ -dir dirname ] [ filename [ # ] ]

       Available only on Sun 386i systems running a  SunOS  4.0.x  release  or
       earlier.  Not a SunOS 4.1 release feature.

       help_viewer  accesses help documentation about SunView applications and
       the SunView Desktop.  This help consists of intermixed text and  graph-
       ics  This  help consists of intermixed text and graphics displayed in a
       window called the Help Viewer.

       You start and control help_viewer by one of these methods:

       o  Typing help_viewer at a shell prompt.

       o  Clicking on the More Help button in a Spot Help window.

       o  Sending instructions to the Help Viewer using the help_open command.

       filename is the name of startup file relative  to  help  directory  (or
       /vol/help  by default, as set in the Help category of defaultsedit).  #
       is a page number separated from the filename by a SPACE.  If # is omit-
       ted, the first page is shown.

       The  documentation  within help_viewer is extensible, but as shipped it
       includes handbooks for the Desktop, mailtool(1),  shelltool(1),  texte-
       dit(1),  sunview(1),  organizer(1),  dos(1), coloredit(1), snap(1), and
       itself (help_viewer).

       Developers and users can  include  additional  handbooks  by  modifying
       /vol/help/format/Top_Level.  See help_viewer(5).

       The user moves between the various pages of help with the assistance of
       hypertext links.  Links are connections between  pages  of  text.   The
       convention  is  to  use  underlined  text to indicate the presence of a
       link.  When the user double-clicks on a link, the text associated  with
       the  topic indicated by the link is shown in the Help Viewer. There are
       links in many places to make it quick and easy  to  go  from  place  to
       place within the help_viewer database.

       Many  help  topics contain more than one page of text.  In these cases,
       links to the next page and to the previous page are  available  at  the
       upper-right  corner  of  the  Help  Viewer,  allowing  the user to page
       through the document.

       The user's current position within the hierarchy of text  is  indicated
       by  the  links  at  the upper-left corner of the Help Viewer.  The last
       link in the list is the level just above the user's current position.

       The standard SunView options for  window  size,  position,  fonts,  and
       other options are accepted. But note that the font setting only affects
       the font in the Help Viewer namestripe.  Also, Help  Viewer  text  does
       not wrap as a window is resized. See sunview(1) for details.

       -A time        Sets  autoclose for time minutes.  If the help window is
                      not used for time minutes, it closes automatically.

       -dir dirname   Name of the help directory

       /vol/help           automount point of miscellaneous help files

       The files in /usr/lib/help are used by the  help  and  the  help_viewer
       facilities, and the SCCS sccs-help(1) facility.

       Directories  within  /usr/lib/help named after SunView applications and
       the Desktop contain specific  information  used  by  help_viewer.   See
       help_viewer(5) for information about the files in these directories.

       sccs-help(1),  mailtool(1),  shelltool(1),  textedit(1),  help_open(1),
       Sun386i User's Guide
       Sun386i Developer's Guide

       help_viewer(1) displays a pop-up error window if  it  cannot  find  the
       file required to show the requested help.

                               19 February 1988                 HELP_VIEWER(1)