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GFXTOOL(1)                  General Commands Manual                 GFXTOOL(1)

       gfxtool - run graphics programs in a SunView window

       gfxtool [ -C ] [ program [ arguments ] ]

       This command is available with the SunView User's software installation
       option.  Refer to for information on how to install optional software.

       gfxtool is a standard tool provided with the SunView  environment.   It
       runs graphics programs that do not overwrite the terminal emulator from
       which they run.

       gfxtool has two subwindows: a terminal subwindow and an  empty  subwin-
       dow.   The  terminal  subwindow contains a running shell, just like the
       shelltool (see shelltool(1)).  Programs invoked in the terminal subwin-
       dow  can run in the empty subwindow.  You can move the boundary between
       these two subwindows as described in sunview(1).  If you wish, you  can
       make gfxtool your console by entering -C as the first argument.

       Normally  you can use the mouse and keyboard anywhere in the empty sub-
       window to access frame  functions.   However,  some  graphics  programs
       which  run  in  this  window  may take over inputs directed to it.  For
       example, SunCore uses the mouse and keyboard for its own  input.   When
       you  run  such tools, access the Frame Menu from the tool boundaries or
       frame header.

       gfxtool also accepts all of the generic tool arguments; see  sunview(1)
       for a list of these arguments.

       If  a  program  argument  is present, gfxtool runs it.  If there are no
       arguments, gfxtool runs the program corresponding to your  SHELL  envi-
       ronment  variable.  If this environment variable is not available, then
       gfxtool runs sh(1).

       -C     Redirect system console output to this instance of gfxtool.


       sh(1), shelltool(1), sunview(1), graphics_demos(6)

       If more than 256 characters are input to a terminal emulator  subwindow
       without  an  intervening  NEWLINE,  the terminal emulator may hang.  If
       this occurs, display the Frame Menu; the `TTY Hung?'  submenu there has
       one item, `Flush input', that you can invoke to correct the problem.

                               21 December 1987                     GFXTOOL(1)