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genxlt(1)							    genxlt(1)


  genxlt - Generates a codeset conversion table


  genxlt [-f outputfile] [inputfile]


  -f outputfile
      Specifies	that the generated version of the codeset conversion table be
      placed in	the file specified by outputfile.


  The iconv subsystem can use either an	algorithmic or a table converter to
  convert data from one	codeset	to another. The	genxlt command creates a
  table	converter to be	used by	the iconv subsystem.

  The genxlt command reads a source codeset conversion table file from input-
  file and writes the compiled version to outputfile. If inputfile is not
  specified, standard input is used. If	outputfile is not specified, standard
  output is used. The source codeset conversion	table file contains direc-
  tives	that are acted upon by the genxlt command to produce the compiled

  The format of	a translation source file is as	follows:

    +  Lines whose initial nonwhite-space character is the # (number sign)
       are treated as comment lines.

    +  Null lines and lines consisting only of white-space characters are
       treated as comment lines.

    +  Noncomment lines	have to	be of the following form:

       source target comment

  If source is found in	the source codeset conversion table file multiple
  times, the last entry	is used	in the compilation of the translation table.

  The source and target	arguments must be in the range of 0x00 through 0xff,
  inclusive; this restricts the	table to 8-bit codesets. The conversion	table
  must define all of the 256 possible source values; otherwise,	processing
  the table results in an error.

  The following	is an excerpt of a codeset conversion table:

       0x80    0xc7    C cedilla
       0x81    0xfc    u diaeresis
       0x82    0xe9    e acute
       0x83    0xe2    a circumflex
       0x84    0xe4    a diaeresis
       0x85    0x40    a grave

  The name of the file generated by the	genxlt command must use	the following
  naming convention in order for the iconv subsystem to	recognize the file as
  a valid converter.

       fromcode: "ISO8859-1-GL"
       tocode: "ISO8859-1"
       conversion table	file: "ISO8859-1-GL_ISO8859-1"

  The conversion table file name is formed by concatenating the	tocode file
  name onto the	fromcode file name, with an underscore character between the
  two. The compiled conversion table must reside in the
  /usr/lib/nls/loc/iconvTable directory	or, if the LOCPATH variable is
  defined, in an iconvTable directory subordinate to the LOCPATH directory.
  Otherwise, the iconv command does not	find the table.


       The LOCPATH variable also overrides the default search path
       (/usr/lib/nls/loc) that is used to find locales.	If this	variable is
       defined,	it must	therefore specify a search path	that application and
       system software can use to find both locales and	converters. The	LOC-
       PATH variable is	not defined by any standard, so	use of the variable
       should be limited to testing locales or converters under	development.


  If successful, the genxlt command exits with a value of 0 (zero). If an
  unknown flag is detected, or the specified input file	or output file cannot
  be opened, the genxlt	command	is unsuccessful	and exits with a value of 1.
  If a syntax error is detected	in the input stream, the genxlt	command	will
  exit immediately with	a value	of 2, and write	to standard error the line
  numbers where	the syntax error occurred.


  Commands:  iconv(1)

  Functions:  iconv(3)