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ftoc(1)								      ftoc(1)


  ftoc - interface between prof	and cord


  ftoc file1...


  The ftoc interface reads one or more feedback	files produced by the -feed-
  back option of the profiler prof(1) and writes onto stdout a reorder-file
  for use with the cache-rearranging program cord(1).  It interprets each
  feedback file	as representing	one phase of a program's execution. In other
  words, if a program behaves in two distinct ways depending on	its input,
  you could create two different feedback files	by executing the program
  twice	with different input data, and both ftoc and cord will understand
  that the information from the	first file is distinct from that of the
  second file.

  As an	example, to improve the	instruction-cache performance of a program
  called hello,	you could generate a new hello.cord program by saying:

       cc -o hello hello.c
       pixie -o	hello.pixie hello
       prof -pixie -feedback hello.feedback hello
       ftoc hello.feedback > hello.reorder
       cord -o hello.cord hello	hello.reorder

  The reorderfile consists of a	list of	lines of the form:

       sourcefile procname.procname... n

  where	"procname.procname..." represents an outer-to-inner list of nested
  procedures, and n is 10 times	the percentage of the procedure's "density"
  with respect to the total of the densities of	all procedures.	("Density" is
  the ratio of a procedure's total cycles to its total static instructions.)
  A line consisting of "$phase"	separates information from different feedback


  cord(1), pixie(1), prof(1)