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FOPTION(1)                  General Commands Manual                 FOPTION(1)

       foption - determine available floating-point code generation options

       foption [ -ftype ]

       This command is not available for the Sun386i.

       foption has two uses.  Called without an argument, it sends a string to
       standard output which is the compiler floating-point option correspond-
       ing to the type of floating-point hardware that would be used by a pro-
       gram compiled with -fswitch.  Exit status is undefined.  This usage  is
       intended  for  interactively determining available floating-point hard-
       ware.  On systems without floating-point hardware, the result would be
              example% foption

       corresponding to the compiler option -fsoft.

       Called with an argument which is one  of  the  compiler  floating-point
       options  -ffpa, -f68881, -fsoft, or -fswitch, it produces no output but
       returns exit status 0 (true) if a program  compiled  with  that  option
       could  execute  on  this machine, and status 1 (false) otherwise.  Thus
       foption -fsoft and foption -fswitch always produce exit status 0.  This
       usage  is  intended for shell scripts and Makefiles that, for instance,
       select different executable files  or  link  with  different  libraries
       according to the floating-point hardware present.

       foption is undefined on Sun-4 systems since there are no floating-point
       code generation options.

             Return exit status 0 if a program compiled -ftype  could  execute
             on this machine.

       cc(1V), fpaversion(8), mc68881version(8)

                                8 December 1987                     FOPTION(1)