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finger-ldap(1)              General Commands Manual             finger-ldap(1)

       finger-ldap - a wrapper around finger for LDAP

       finger-ldap [-lmsp] [user ...]  [user@host ...]

       The  finger-ldap displays information about the system users, much like

       By default, finger will match against users' real names, unless it  has
       been passed the -m option.  However, it does this in a very inefficient
       way.  It queries the Name Service Switch for all the users on the  sys-
       tem, and does the pattern matching itself.  This causes the LDAP server
       to read all its entries out of the database  and  push  them  over  the
       wire--load on the server will spike, and your network will slow down.

       However,  this  does not have to happen.  LDAP has a very decent system
       for matching substrings of real names, documented in RFC  2254.   Since
       finger  can  perform simple lookups on login names which cause the LDAP
       server to only return the requested users' data, we can pass  the  cor-
       rect  login  names to finger for efficient operation.  What finger-ldap
       does is to perform queries like finger would, using LDAP search  string
       syntax,  in  order  to resolve the correct login names.  Then it passes
       these login names to finger -m which formats the output nicely.

       In order to discover which LDAP server to use,  and  what  the  correct
       domain  name  is,  finger-ldap  relies on the Name Switch Service to be
       properly configured to use LDAP.   This  means  that  the  /etc/libnss-
       ldap.conf  configuration  file contains entries listing the base domain
       name (base fields) and also the LDAP servers (uri or host fields).


       Simon Law

       finger(1), libnss-ldap.conf(5).

finger-ldap 1.0                   April 2004                    finger-ldap(1)