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FFPLAY(1)                                                            FFPLAY(1)

       ffplay - FFplay media player

       ffplay [options] input_file

       FFplay is a very simple and portable media player using the FFmpeg
       libraries and the SDL library. It is mostly used as a testbed for the
       various FFmpeg APIs.

   Main options
       -h  show help

       -x width
           force displayed width

       -y height
           force displayed height

       -s size
           Set frame size (WxH or abbreviation), needed for videos which don't
           contain a header with the framesize like raw YUV.

       -an disable audio

       -vn disable video

       -ss pos
           seek to a given position in seconds

           seek by bytes

           disable graphical display

       -f fmt
           force format

   Advanced options
       -pix_fmt format
           set pixel format

           Show the stream duration, the codec parameters, the current
           position in the stream and the audio/video synchronisation drift.

           print specific debug info

           work around bugs

           visualize motion vectors

           non-spec-compliant optimizations

           generate pts

           Force RTP/TCP protocol usage instead of RTP/UDP. It is only
           meaningful if you are streaming with the RTSP protocol.

       -sync type
           Set the master clock to audio ("type=audio"), video ("type=video")
           or external ("type=ext"). Default is audio. The master clock is
           used to control audio-video synchronization. Most media players use
           audio as master clock, but in some cases (streaming or high quality
           broadcast) it is necessary to change that. This option is mainly
           used for debugging purposes.

       -threads count
           thread count

   While playing
       q, ESC

       f   toggle full screen

       p, SPC

       a   cycle audio channel

       v   cycle video channel

       w   show audio waves

           seek backward/forward 10 seconds

           seek backward/forward 1 minute

       mouse click
           seek to percentage in file corresponding to fraction of width

       ffmpeg(1), ffserver(1) and the html documentation of ffmpeg.

       Fabrice Bellard

                                  2010-01-28                         FFPLAY(1)