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FDFORMAT(1)                 General Commands Manual                FDFORMAT(1)

       fdformat - format diskettes for use with SunOS

   Sun386i Systems
       fdformat [ -L ] [ -2 ]

   Sun-3/80 and Desktop SPARC Systems
       fdformat [ -deflv ] [ -b label ] [ device ]

       This  command is available on Sun386i, Sun-3/80, and Desktop SPARC sys-
       tems only.

       fdformat is a utility for formatting floppy diskettes.  All  new  blank
       diskettes  must be formatted before they can be used.  fdformat formats
       and verifies each track on the diskette, and terminates if it finds any
       bad  sectors.   All existing data on the diskette, if any, is destroyed
       by formatting.

       By default, fdformat formats a high density diskette with a capacity of
       1.44  megabytes.   Use  the  -L  or  -l  option  to  format low density
       diskettes (720K capacity).  Note: it is not possible to put a low  den-
       sity  format  onto  a  high  density  floppy  diskette.   High  density
       diskettes can be recognized by the high  density  detect  hole  in  the
       lower  right corner of the diskette, opposite the write protect hole in
       the lower left corner.

       Use the -d option to put a MS-DOS file system  on  the  diskette  after
       format  is done. Otherwise, the Sun-3/80 and Desktop SPARC systems ver-
       sion of fdformat writes a SunOS label on the diskette in logical  block
       0  after  it has been formatted.  The label is required on Sun-3/80 and
       Desktop SPARC systems if you intend to put a UNIX file  system  on  the
       floppy diskette.

       On  Sun386i  systems,  use  the  -2  option  to format diskettes in the
       optional external 5 1/4" floppy drive.  To  format  diskettes  for  use
       under MS-DOS, use the MS-DOS FORMAT command in a DOS window.

   Sun386i Systems
       -L     Format a low density diskette.

       -2     Format  a  diskette  in  the  optional external 5.25-inch floppy

   Sun-3/80 and Desktop SPARC Systems
       -b     Put a MS-DOS label on the disk after formatting it. This  option
              is only meaningful when -d is also set.

       -d     Install  a  MS-DOS file system and boot sector on the disk after
              formatting. This is equivalent to the MS-DOS FORMAT command.

       -e     Eject the diskette when done.

       -f     Force.  Do not ask for confirmation before starting format.

       -l     Format a low density (720K) diskette.

       -v     Verify the floppy diskette after formatting.

       A diskette formatted using the -d option for MS-DOS won't have the nec-
       essary  system  files,  and  is therefore not bootable.  Trying to boot
       from it on a PC will result in the following message:

              Non-System disk or disk error
              Replace and strike any key when ready

   Sun386i Systems
       /dev/rfd0c          1.44 megabyte 3.5-inch high density diskette drive
       /dev/rfdl0c         720 kilobyte 3.5-inch low density diskette drive
       /dev/rfd2c          High density 5.25-inch floppy drive
       /dev/rfdl2c         Low density 5.25-inch floppy drive

   Sun-3/80 and Desktop SPARC Systems

       dos(1), fd(4S), pcfs(4S)

       Currently bad sector mapping is  not  supported  on  floppy  diskettes.
       Therefore,  a diskette is unusable if fdformat finds an error (bad sec-

                                7 October 1990                     FDFORMAT(1)