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extcheck(1)                       Basic Tools                      extcheck(1)

       extcheck - Detects version conflicts between a target Java Archive
       (JAR) file and currently installed extension JAR files.

       extcheck [options] targetfile.jar

              The command-line options. See Options.

              The target JAR file against which the currently installed
              extension JAR files are compared to detect version conflicts.

       The extcheck command checks a specified JAR file for title and version
       conflicts with any extensions installed in the Java SE SDK. Before
       installing an extension, you can use this utility to see whether the
       same or a more recent version of the extension is already installed.

       The extcheck command compares the Specification-title and
       Specification-version headers in the manifest of the targetfile.jar
       file against the corresponding headers in all JAR files currently
       installed in the extension directory. By default, the extension
       directory is jre/lib/ext on Oracle Solaris and \jre\lib\ext on Windows.
       The extcheck command compares version numbers in the same way as the
       java.lang.Package.isCompatibleWith method.

       If no conflict is detected, then the return code is 0.

       If the manifest of any JAR file in the extensions directory has the
       same Specification-title and the same or a newer Specification-version
       number, then a non-zero error code is returned. A non-zero error code
       is also returned when targetfile.jar does not have the Specification-
       title or Specification-version attributes in its manifest file.

              Lists JAR files in the extension directory as they are checked.
              Additionally, manifest attributes of the target JAR file and any
              conflicting JAR files are also reported.

              Passes option to the Java Virtual Machine (JVM), where option is
              one of the options described on the reference page for the Java
              launcher. For example, -J-Xms48m sets the startup memory to 48
              MB. See java(1).

       o jar(1)

JDK 8                          21 November 2013                    extcheck(1)