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dpkg-checkbuilddeps(1)          dpkg utilities          dpkg-checkbuilddeps(1)

       dpkg-checkbuilddeps - check build dependencies and conflicts

       dpkg-checkbuilddeps [options] [control-file]

       This  program  checks  the installed packages in the system against the
       build dependencies and build conflicts listed in the control  file.  If
       any are not met, it displays them and exits with a nonzero return code.

       By  default,  debian/control is read, but an alternate control filename
       may be specified on the command line.

              Change the location of the dpkg database. The  default  location
              is /var/lib/dpkg.

       -B     Ignore  Build-Depends-Indep  lines. Use when no arch-indep pack-
              ages will be built.

       -d build-depends-string

       -c build-conflicts-string
              Use the given build dependencies/conflicts instead of those con-
              tained in the debian/control file.

       -h     Show the usage message and exit.

       Copyright (C) 2001 Joey Hess

       This  is free software; see the GNU General Public Licence version 2 or
       later for copying conditions. There is NO WARRANTY.

Debian Project                    2008-03-14            dpkg-checkbuilddeps(1)