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GXL2DOT,DOT2GXL(1)          General Commands Manual         GXL2DOT,DOT2GXL(1)

       gxl2dot,dot2gxl - GXL-DOT converters

       gxl2dot [ -gd?  ] [ -ooutfile ] [ files ]
       dot2gxl [ -gd?  ] [ -ooutfile ] [ files ]

       gxl2dot  converts between graphs represented in GXL and in the DOT lan-
       guage. Unless a conversion type is specified using a flag, gxl2dot will
       deduce  the  type  of  conversion  from the suffix of the input file, a
       ".dot" suffix causing a conversion from DOT to GXL, and a ".gxl" suffix
       causing  a conversion from GXL to DOT.  If no suffix is available, e.g.
       when the input is from a pipe, and  no  flags  are  used  then  gxl2dot
       assumes  the  type  of  the input file from its executable name so that
       gxl2dot converts from GXL to DOT, and dot2gxl converts from DOT to GXL.

       GXL supports a much richer graph model than DOT. gxl2dot  will  attempt
       to  map  GXL  constructs  into the analogous DOT construct when this is
       possible. If not, the GXL information is stored as  an  attribute.  The
       intention  is  that applying gxl2dot|dot2gxl is semantically equivalent
       to the identity operator.

       The following options are supported:

       -g     The command name and input  file  extensions  are  ignored,  the
              input is taken as a DOT file and a GXL file is generated.

       -d     The  command  name  and  input  file extensions are ignored, the
              input is taken as a GXL file and a DOT file is generated.

       -?     Prints usage information and exits.

       -o outfile
              If specified, the output will be written into the file  outfile.
              Otherwise, output is written to standard out.

       The following operand is supported:

       files   Names  of  files containing 1 or more graphs in GXL or DOT.  If
               no files operand is specified, the standard input will be used.

       Both gxl2dot and dot2gxl return 0 if there were no problems during con-
       version; and non-zero if any error occurred.

       gxl2dot will only convert in one direction even if given multiple files
       with varying suffixes.

       The conversion can only handle one graph per GXL file.

       There are some GXL constructs which gxl2dot cannot handle.

       Krishnam Pericherla <kpATresearch.com>
       Emden R. Gansner <ergATresearch.com>

       dot(1), libgraph(3), libagraph(3), neato(1), twopi(1)

                               20 December 2002             GXL2DOT,DOT2GXL(1)