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 dosrm(1)							    dosrm(1)

      dosrm, dosrmdir - remove DOS files or directories

      dosrm [-friu] device:file ...

      dosrmdir [-u] device:file ...

      dosrm and dosrmdir are DOS counterparts of rm and rmdir (see rm(1) and
      rmdir(1), respectively).

      dosrm removes the entries for one or more files from a directory.	 If
      a specified file is a directory, an error message is printed unless
      the optional argument -r is specified (see below).

      dosrmdir removes entries for the named directories, provided they are

      dosrm and dosrmdir recognize the following options:

	   -f	  (force) Unconditionally remove the specified file, even if
		  the file is marked read-only.

	   -r	  Cause dosrm to recursively delete the entire contents of a
		  directory, followed by the directory itself.	dosrm can
		  recursively delete up to 17 levels of directories.

	   -i	  (interactive) Cause dosrm to ask whether or not to delete
		  each file.  If -r is also specified, dosrm asks whether to
		  examine each directory encountered.

	   -u	  Disable argument case conversion.  In the absence of this
		  option, all DOS file names are converted to uppercase.

      A DOS file name is recognized by the presence of an embedded colon (:)
      delimiter; see dosif(4) for DOS file naming conventions.

      Metacharacters *, ?, and [ ... ] can be used when specifying DOS file
      names.  These must be quoted when specifying a DOS file name, because
      file name expansion must be performed by the DOS utilities, not by the
      shell.  DOS utilities expand file names as described in regexp(5)

      These examples assume that a DOS directory structure exists on the
      device accessed through the HP-UX special file /dev/rfd9122.

      Recursively comb through the DOS directory /tmp and ask if each DOS
      file should be removed forcibly (that is, with no file mode checks):

 Hewlett-Packard Company	    - 1 -   HP-UX Release 11i: November 2000

 dosrm(1)							    dosrm(1)

	   dosrm -irf /dev/rfd9122:/tmp

      Remove the DOS directory doug from the DOS volume stored as HP-UX file

	   dosrmdir hard_disk:doug

      dos2ux(1), doschmod(1), doscp(1), dosdf(1), dosls(1), dosmkdir(1),
      rm(1), rmdir(1), dosif(4).

 Hewlett-Packard Company	    - 2 -   HP-UX Release 11i: November 2000