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DF(1)                        BSD Reference Manual                        DF(1)

     df - display free disk space

     df [-in] [-t type] [file | filesystem ...]

     Df displays statistics about the amount of free disk space on the speci-
     fied filesystem or on the filesystem of which file is a part.  Values are
     displayed in 512-byte per block block counts.  If neither a file or a
     filesystem operand is specified, statistics for all mounted filesystems
     are displayed (subject to the -t option below).

     The following options are available:

     -i      Include statistics on the number of free inodes.

     -n      Print out the previously obtained statistics from the filesys-
             tems.  This option should be used if it is possible that one or
             more filesystems are in a state such that they will not be able
             to provide statistics without a long delay.  When this option is
             specified, df will not request new statistics from the filesys-
             tems, but will respond with the possibly stale statistics that
             were previously obtained.

     -t      Only print out statistics for filesystems of the specified types.
             More than one type may be specified in a comma separated list.
             The list of filesystem types can be prefixed with ``no'' to spec-
             ify the filesystem types for which action should not be taken.
             For example, the df command:

                   df -t nonfs,mfs

             lists all filesystems except those of type NFS and MFS. The
             sysctl(8) command can be used to find out the types of filesys-
             tems that are available on the system:

                   sysctl vfs

     BLOCKSIZE  If the environmental variable BLOCKSIZE is set, the block
                counts will be displayed in units of that size block.

     The -n and -t flags are ignored if a file or filesystem is specified.

     quota(1),  statfs(2),  fstatfs(2),  getfsstat(2),  getmntinfo(3),
     fstab(5),  mount(8),  quot(8),  sysctl(8)

     A df command appeared in Version 6 AT&T UNIX.

4th Berkeley Distribution         May 8, 1995                                1