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DESKTOP(1)                  General Commands Manual                 DESKTOP(1)

       desktop - switch the window system to be invoked upon login

       desktop [ openwin ] [ sunview ]

       Available beginning with SunOS 4.1.1 Rev B.

       desktop  switches  the  window  system  to  be  invoked upon your login
       between OpenWindows and SunView.  This only  applies  if  the  user  is
       using  the default .cshrc file supplied from /usr/lib/Cshrc and has not
       modified the window system invocation code section.  With no arguments,
       desktop  prompts  you to enter the window system you want invoked.  The
       desired window system can also be supplied on the command line.

       If the add_user (8) program is used to add a new  user's  account,  the
       /usr/lib/Cshrc  file  is copied into the file .cshrc in the user's home
       directory.  Alternatively, this may be done manually.  In either  case,
       if  this  file's  window system invocation code is not thereafter modi-
       fied, desktop switches window systems as specified.

       A confirmation message is displayed for the window system  chosen.   An
       instructional message is then displayed indicating the steps to execute
       to activate this:  exiting the system and logging back in.

       openwin   Modify window system invocation code in ~/.cshrc  to  execute

       sunview   Modify  window  system invocation code in ~/.cshrc to execute

       /usr/lib/Cshrc        default file for setting up a user's environment
       ~/.cshrc              user's own file for setting up their environment

                               14 December 1990                     DESKTOP(1)