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DBXTOOL(1)                  General Commands Manual                 DBXTOOL(1)

       dbxtool - SunView interface for the dbx source-level debugger

       dbxtool  [  -d ] [ -i ] [ -k ] [ -kbd ] [ -I directory ] [ objectfile [
       corefile ] ]

       This command is available  with  the  Debugging  software  installation
       option.  Refer to for information on how to install optional software.

       dbxtool, a source-level debugger for C, Pascal and FORTRAN 77 programs,
       is a standard tool  that  runs  within  the  SunView  environment.   It
       accepts  the  same commands as dbx, but provides a more convenient user

       You can use the mouse to set breakpoints, examine the values  of  vari-
       ables,  control execution, peruse source files, and so on.  dbxtool has
       separate subwindows for viewing  source  code,  entering  commands  and
       other uses.

       objectfile  is  an  object  file produced by cc(1V), any other Sun com-
       piler, (or a combination of them) with the appropriate flag (-g) speci-
       fied  to  produce  symbol  information  in the object file.  IMPORTANT:
       every stage of the compilation process, including  the  linking  phase,
       must include the -g option.  If no objectfile is specified, you can use
       the debug command to specify the program to be  debugged.   The  object
       file contains a symbol table which includes the names of all the source
       files translated by the compiler to create it.  These files are  avail-
       able for perusal while using the debugger.

       If  a  file named core exists in the current directory or a corefile is
       specified, dbxtool can be used to examine the state of the program when
       it faulted.

       Debugger  commands  in the file .dbxinit are executed immediately after
       the symbolic information is read, if that file exists  in  the  current
       directory,  or  in the user's home directory if .dbxinit does not exist
       in the current directory.

       -d     Produce debugging information for the  pipeline  from  which  it
              reads dbx(1) output.

       -i     Force dbxtool to act as though standard input were a terminal.

       -k     Kernel debugging.

       -kbd   Debugs a program that sets the keyboard into up/down translation
              mode.  This flag is necessary if you  are  debugging  a  program
              that uses up/down encoding.

       -I directory
              Add  directory to the list of directories that are searched when
              looking for a source file.  Normally dbxtool  looks  for  source
              files  in  the current directory and then in the directory where
              objectfile is located.  The directory search path  can  also  be
              set with the use command.  Multiple -I options may be given.

       Refer  to  dbx(1)  for  a summary of dbx commands, or for more complete
       information on using dbxtool.

       core                default core file
       .dbxinit            local dbx initialization file
       ~/.dbxinit          user's dbx initialization file
       cc(1V), dbx(1)
       The bugs for dbx(1) apply to dbxtool as well.
       The interaction between scrolling in the  source  subwindow  and  dbx's
       regular  expression  search commands is wrong.  Scrolling should affect
       where the next search begins, but it does not.

                                11 January 1988                     DBXTOOL(1)