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COLOREDIT(1)                General Commands Manual               COLOREDIT(1)

       coloredit - alter color map segment


       Available  only  on  Sun  386i systems running a SunOS 4.0.x release or
       earlier.  Not a SunOS 4.1 release feature.

       coloredit is a SunView application for altering the colors  of  objects
       (windows) selected with the cursor.  These colors may be manipulated in
       three ways:

       o  select color name from a list

       o  specify the hue/saturation/value for a color

       o  specify the red/green/blue levels for a color

       The coloredit window consists of four sections.

       colorlist   An interactive window that lists the available  colors  for
                   selection.   This  list  can be scrolled up and down with a
                   scrollbar, and comprises the contents  of  the  .rgb  file.
                   Select  a  color  and  the  corresponding RGB and HSV value
                   appears in the colorbar section.  coloredit first  searches
                   the  working  directory  for .rgb, your home directory, and
                   finally, /usr/lib this file.

       colorbars   An interactive window with two sets of three sliding  bars.
                   One  set  is  for  defining the hue saturation value of the
                   color desired.  The second set is  for  defining  the  red-
                   green-blue ratios.  The color can be specified using either
                   set of sliding bars.

       palette     A display subwindow divided  horizontally  into  two  equal
                   parts.   The  top part shows the background color; the bot-
                   tom, the foreground color.  If the object has more  than  2
                   colors,  all the colors are shown.  The background color is
                   color Index #0.  The color with the highest Index Number is
                   the foreground color.

       logo        A  display  subwindow  containing  the Sun logo in the cur-
                   rently-selected color.

   Command Buttons
       The set of command buttons in the colorbars subwindow is as follows.

       Grab   The next object selected will have its color map segment  colors
              displayed  in  the  coloredit  window.  These colors may then be

              Disassociates the colormap segment  and  the  last  object  with
              which  those  colors were associated.  The window returns to its
              default state.

       Undo   Returns the colormap segment to the  original  colors  that  the
              object  being  colored  had  when  coloring  began.  Returns the
              object to its original colors.



                               19 February 1988                   COLOREDIT(1)