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COL(1V)                                                                COL(1V)

       col  -  filter reverse paper motions from nroff output for display on a

       col [ -bfhp ]

       /usr/5bin/col [ -bfpx ]

       The System V version of this command is available  with  the  System  V
       software  installation  option.   Refer  to  for  information on how to
       install optional software.

       col copies the standard input to the standard output and performs  line
       overlays implied by reverse LINEFEED characters (ESC-7 in ASCII) and by
       forward and reverse half LINEFEED characters (ESC-9 and ESC-8).  col is
       particularly  useful for filtering multicolumn output made with the .rt
       command of nroff(1), and output resulting from use of the  tbl(1)  pre-

       The control characters SO (ASCII code 017), and SI (016) are assumed to
       start and end text in an alternate character set.   The  character  set
       (primary  or alternate) associated with each printing character read is
       remembered; on output, SO and SI characters are generated where  neces-
       sary to maintain the correct treatment of each character.

       All  control  characters  are  removed  from  the  input  except SPACE,
       BACKSPACE, TAB, RETURN, NEWLINE, ESC (033) followed by one of 7, 8,  9,
       SI  ,  SO  , and VT (013).  This last character is an alternate form of
       full reverse LINEFEED, for compatibility with some other hardware  con-
       ventions.  All other non-printing characters are ignored.

       The  System  V  version  of  col  converts  SPACE  to TAB characters by

       -b     The output device in use is not capable of backspacing.  In this
              case,  if  several  characters  are to appear in the same place,
              only the last one read will be taken.

       -f     Fine.  Although col accepts half line motions in its  input,  it
              normally  does  not  produce them on output.  Instead, text that
              would appear between lines is moved to the next lower  full-line
              boundary.  The -f option suppresses this treatment. In this case
              the output from col may contain forward half LINEFEED characters
              (ESC-9),  but  will  still  never contain either kind of reverse
              line motion.

       -h     Convert strings of blanks to  TAB  characters  to  decrease  the
              printing time.

       -p     Pass  escape-sequences  that col does not know about to the out-
              put, rather than stripping them out.  This option is highly dis-
              couraged  unless  you  are  fully  aware  of the position of the
              escape sequences within the text.

       -x     Suppress converting SPACE characters to TAB characters.

       The environment variables LC_CTYPE, LANG, and  LC_default  control  the
       character  classification throughout col.  On entry to col, these envi-
       ronment variables are checked in the following order:  LC_CTYPE,  LANG,
       and  LC_default.   When  a  valid value is found, remaining environment
       variables for character classification are ignored.  For example, a new
       setting  for LANG does not override the current valid character classi-
       fication rules of LC_CTYPE.  When none of  the  values  is  valid,  the
       shell character classification defaults to the POSIX.1 "C" locale.

       nroff(1), tbl(1), troff(1), locale(5), iso_8859_1(7)

       col cannot back up more than 128 lines.

       At most 1600 characters, including BACKSPACE characters, are allowed on
       a line.

       Local vertical motions that would result in backing up over  the  first
       line of the document are ignored.  As a result, the first line must not
       have any superscripts.

                                2 October 1989                         COL(1V)