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cgen(1)								      cgen(1)


  cgen - Generates UDC attributes files	that are used by system	utilities


  cgen [-odl] [-pre] [-col] [-iks] [-bdf] [-pcf] [-code	codeset] [-size
  fontsize] [-osiz fontsize] [-dpi 75 |	 |  | 100] [-fprop property] [-merge
  font-pattern]	[-win userfont]	[cadb]


      Creates ODL font files for all the supported codesets of the current

      Creates preload font files.

      Creates collating	value tables.

      Creates input key	sequence files.

      Creates BDF format DECwindows font files.

      Creates PCF format DECwindows font files.

  -code	codeset
      Sets the current codeset to codeset rather than the one in the current
      locale.  With this option, you can create	attribute data files for a
      non-default codeset.

  -size	fontsize
      Specifies	the size of the	fonts to be used for data file generation.
      The fontsize value has the format	widthxheight.  By default, fonts of
      all available sizes are used for output file generation.

  -osiz	fontsize
      Specifies	the output size	of the BDF and PCF font	files. The fontsize
      value has	the format widthxheight	and, by	default, is the	same value
      specified	for the	-size option. Use the -osiz option together with the
      -size option to specify a	single font size to be processed and output
      for BDF and PCF files.

  -dpi 75|100
      Specifies	the resolution,	either 75dpi or	100dpi,	of the generated

  -fprop "property_list"
      Specifies	the font properties or attributes that should be associated
      with the generated BDF and PCF font files.  This option is useful	if
      you want to set special font properties in addition to the default
      ones.  The property_list parameter is one	or more	value assignments to
      property keywords, for example:


      Font properties can also be added	through	direct editing of the output

  -merge font-pattern
      Merges the UDC font data into an existing	PCF format font	file that
      matches the specified font pattern, for example *-140-*jisx0208*.	This
      option must be used with the -pcf	and -size options because only one
      size is allowed per merge	operation.

      The fontconverter	utility	is called to do	the actual merging.  There-
      fore, the	-merge option works only if fontconverter is available on the
      system. The name of the output PCF file has the following	format:


      In this format, registry is the font registry field of the original PCF
      font file.

  -win userfont
      Generates	a font file with the name userfont, which can be copied	to a
      Windows Version 3.1 or a Windows NT Version 3.5 system. You must also
      specify the -size	option because only one	size can apply to the speci-
      fied userfont.  Supported	codesets for font files	created	by the -win
      option are big5 (for Chinese Windows systems), SJIS (for Japanese	Win-
      dows systems), and deckorean (for	Korean Windows systems).


      Specifies	the character attribute	database whose information is to be
      processed. If this parameter is not specified, the command tries to use
      ~/udc for	a nonprivileged	user and /var/i18n/udc for the superuser.


  The cgen command runs	the character attributes file generator	utility.
  This utility creates the following attribute data files from the attribute
  database for user-defined characters (UDCs):

    +  Font files for On-Demand	Loading	(ODL)

    +  Font files for preloading

    +  BDF and PCF format font files for DECwindows display

    +  Collating value tables for sorting

    +  Input key sequence files	that determine how users enter UDCs

  If the command is run	without	any options, it	displays statistical informa-
  tion about the current character attribute database and does not create any

  The various data files created by the	cgen utility are placed	into dif-
  ferent locations according information in the	cp_dirs	database configura-
  tion file (see cp_dirs(4)). For each type of data file, there	are two	dif-
  ferent locations: one	for system manager (root) and the other	for the	nor-
  mal users.  The following table shows	the default locations (when the
  cp_dirs file has not been changed):

  Data File	       System Location		     User Location
  ODL font file	       /var/i18n/odl		     ~/.odl
  Preload file	       /var/i18n/fonts		     ~/.fonts
  BDF font file	       /var/i18n/fonts		     ~/.fonts
  PCF font file					     ~/.fonts/[75|100]dpi

  Collating table      /var/i18n/cdb		     ~/.cdb
  Input	method table   /var/i18n/iks		     ~/.iks

  PCF font files are put into the 75dpi	or 100dpi subdirectories, depending
  on the resolution that you specify when running the command.


  Commands: cedit(1), fontconverter(1X)

  Files: cp_dirs(4)

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